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Seeking A Balance Between The Masculine And Feminine Energy

To know which energy is more dominant, think of your sexual preferences. Do you want to have rough, intense sex or slow, sensual and passionate sex?

The way I see masculine and feminine energy is this:

Masculine: pure, logic, strength, love, loyalty, creativity, power, knowledge, searching, knowing, doing, action, nurturing, light, wealth.

Feminine: chaos, anger, nurture, flow, unattached, beauty, strength, independent, creativity, power, feeling, dark, flow, nature, sensual, sexual, liberation, confident.

My viewpoints aren’t conventional. I don’t see the feminine as weak, submissive, gentle, loving, kind alone. I see her as power, as chaos, as fun, as wild, as beauty, strength, nurturing. She has the breath of life, with both her mouth and her womb. Don’t underestimate that feminine power. And I don’t see the masculine as strong and charismatic and protective alone. I see him as love, as strength, as not giving up, as self belief, as self confidence, self trust, as knowledge, learning, gentle, caring, nurturing.

I have been living in masculine energy. And I seek a balance between masculine and feminine energy, which is why I am physically attracted to people who have a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Like Vas Hal, some kpop guys like BTS, Troye Sivan, etc.

I rarely find people physically attractive. Like they are fucking fine, like damn, but I don’t care. I wouldn’t date someone based on looks. I would think their face is just another in the crowd. But there are some that look unique and that’s what catches my eye. Like Dylan O’Brian, Cole Sprouse and that riww girl from Instagram. I find her very physically appealing too. They are the only exceptions for me. But not sexual. She’s clean. I like clean looking people.

But Ryan Reynolds. I have no fucking idea what he is. What the fuck do I feel for him? I feel like he’s not real. He was only put here to occassionally distract us. I mean he attracts almost every single human being. Both extremely cis male, and extreme masc. lesbian. He is wtf? And his wife. She looks like a goddess. I feel like they are gods just experiencing human life. They are like the symbols of how we should be. Sounds like I’m worshipping them but I’m not lol.

His face is like that face that we are all attracted to, but we would easily forget if he popped out of existence. And Blake too. They are perfect together. Twin flames.

But BTS and Vas Hal, the former look feminine but dance and talk masculine. A mixture of soft and hard. With the latter, she’s feminine but looks masculine, with feminine edges. I think they look good. Beautiful. They look majestic. They look balanced. I am attracted to their balance.

Creativity can balance the energies. If you have too much masculine energy, painting or drawing forces you to calm down and use delicate hands, delicate touches, to see colors and art which are feminine energy

“The “mission” or the search for freedom is the priority of the masculine, whereas the search for love is the priority of the feminine.” I have been searching for freedom. Now for love.

I would marry a balance. Or with a tiny bit more masculine. Because I am seeking to be a balance with a tiny bit more feminine, only if he’s a tiny bit more masculine because I know he would be able to take charge in times of trouble.


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