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A Soliloquy of Self: An Ode to the Confusion of Self

Right now, I am experiencing the material world. I am watching, observing, and living. I watch how many people lack loyalty. I watch as people take advantage of others. I watch as I get roped into enjoying the finer things in life and the system of luxury that keeps my inner knowing farther away from me. And I enjoy it.

Two opposite ends of a polarity

But now, I need to know why I should reject my humanity and my desires and my shadow. Or if I should accept myself wholly as I am. Otherwise, I don't think the voice of my inner criticism can rest.

Self Awareness is a little shitty sometimes and that’s okay. Plus, healing isn’t linear.

By @healingbyemma on Instagram Being self aware is a shitty, overrated process because all your flaws and faults and shadows are laid out on a platter of gold for you to view and criticize. I've gone from not feeling my emotions to having them come in waves. I blame the lunar eclipse being in Taurus.... Continue Reading →

Life is about balancing between doing and flowing

I kind of want to scream a little bit. I screamed into my pillow earlier this morning. Working off the energy of the full moon, I did an intention setting/spell craft ritual. Then I pulled some tarot cards for the coming month. Let's just say that it was a manifestation ritual. And it made me... Continue Reading →

Lies, Honesty, and Authenticity

But my friends know who I am, what I do and what I'm into and they accepted me like that. I was so terrified at first to begin to be myself around them but the statement that those who love you will accept you as you are and get used to you is very much true. They even try to manifest now. Your authenticity is like a seed. You plant it into the world and it will blossom in the lives of those around you.

Move past resistance even through the fears

There is no ultimate version of me. I'm not meant to BE anybody. I just am. There is no ultimate version of me. The only thing constant about life is its fluidity. It is ever changing. Change is the only constant. Be so with humans too. We are always changing. One moment, we like a set of things and the other moment, we don't.

Some Messages That Keep Coming Up For Me And Might Be Useful For You Too

Not fully stepping into power. Personal power is the power to do what i want with my existence.

Take Action: Let the Now Impact The Future

I am still here, as I am, struggling with my mental health and my health and working out and these might be life long struggles. I will keep learning and growing. There is no "person" that I need to be like or that I need to be. There is no "future me." Bring awareness into the now.

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