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The Intensity Of Sex Energy

With watching porn, it’s not that you get off on the high from just seeing it, it’s that you enjoy watching the display of energy, you get off on the energy, the passion, the love, the hatred. You feed off the emotions and intensity. It gives raw energy, sex energy. With sex, the more kinks you try, the more you get off on the high. The more intensity, the more passion, the higher you get. Sex energy is different from other energies. It also feels eternal. A little less older than love energy. And that’s why love is sometimes intertwined with sex. When someone proclaims love just after one hook up.

Sex energy doesn’t matter the sex organs. Doesn’t matter the species. Doesn’t matter the copulation method. It finds a way to come through. Through stimulation.

You can either save it up and then make a blasting, life changing impact through the orgasm (virginity or celibacy) or you can learn to use each small blasts to give you big boosts.


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