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The Power Of Being In Sync With The Universe

So someone once said that I was in sync with the universe. Even though it was said as a passing comment and not to be pondered upon so deeply as I had, it caught my attention.

We have made manifestations and spells and sent them into the air, into the universe. But we don’t fully understand how deep those are. How powerful we are. We make a statement or a manifestation or we cast a spell and wait for the results to happen, but we forget that in casting those words and those intentions out, we have begun a sequence of events that would bring about the results. Those fights, those butterflies you saw, the tiny earthworm that reproduced that day, all of that happened as a result of that intention. You are right where you are supposed to be, experiencing exactly what you should be experiencing, with those people, at those moments to bring about your wish. You are flowing, in sync, on the perfect frequency of what you want. You aren’t a failure. You aren’t sad. You just are.

An absolute point in time is like a mirror you bounce off on to push you into the life you’re to lead. Like for me, it was trying to write a book on magic. I wanted to know the difference between witches, wizards, sorcerers and sages. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Instead, I discovered magick was actually real and a year later, my life is nothing like it used to be. That was an absolute point in time. That moment that leads you down a point that will forever change your perspective, your life even.

Manifestation is like trying to create that perfect point in time. For an absolute moment to exist, you have to give it breathe. There’s a theory in quantum physics that says that for a thing to exist, it needs to be observed. That’s why you visualize it. You feel it, and know it to be so. You give it breathe through a thought, a spell, a visualization, and then when you create an absolute moment, all time after that becomes absolute until that manifestation fully plays out. You are right on track, experiencing exactly what you are meant to be experiencing, being in perfect synchronization with the universe. And repeat. You indirectly control your destination. You become a conscious creator. So the question is: what are you feeding the universe?

Deja vus are like checkpoints to give you reassurance that you are on the path. They are reminders from you to yourself that you are doing good work. That your manifestations are coming to pass. You can create checkpoint moments for yourself. You can imagine yourself living the life you want, the exact moment you get your first million, and then you look at the past (to this present moment) through your future eyes and you smile because you know you did it. And you let that image go with the belief that you will experience that moment someday soon.

How well do we have faith and believe in ourselves? Change your thoughts and change your life. You could be angry, sad, upset, irritation, you could feel annoyance and hatred or jealousy, but those are okay. Those are our shadow. It’s the self depreciating thoughts. Those are the sins. It’s telling yourself you can never make it, or that you are a failure, or you are ugly. Those are the sins. Those are the things you need to cast out. Because love, you are beauty in itself. You are life itself.

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