Safety Plan 01

And so I'm starting small. If I were to live alone, I would have to be paying house rent. For the life I want to live, currently, I can't even afford to pay for a month's rent. Or half of a rent lol. And so the safety plan is to save up house rent every year. All the side hustle, business savings, gifts, all of that, add to a savings, and save up. For a year. Or maybe 6 months. However long you want it for. But if you can do that for that long? Then you definitely know that you are ready to move out  because you can now cover that expense. Then next, food money. Groceries. Do you want your own garden? Then learn to garden. Do you want to buy food? Fruits? Veggies? Then do that too. Save up the money to the approximate number of things that you will buy monthly.

On making decisions that is in alignment with self and on using money as a tool, not the end goal

How can I have a better relationship with money so I can attract it without letting it control me? Well if I see money as a source of kind of security and a means to an end then it's more about getting the things I want with it and leading the life that I want. So money is for growth and savings to get to where I want, as a tool. Money is a tool for me. But it doesn't determine my worth. I don't equate money to my sense of self worth or to my importance. Just safety and security. So let's see what happens when I begin to feel safe outside of money. Then money would become just a tool instead and not the end goal. A means to the end goal yeah.

Sometimes We Are Asked To Relearn

The lesson in this is that, sometimes we "check an area" or we learn a lesson or a knowledge and we only look at the surface level but we don't look around, we don't look deep within, we don't see how it relates, we miss vital information like where it came from or why it's there or what else could be learned from it. But when we REVISIT this information or knowledge, or even skills, we might see something that wasn't so hidden but that we missed the first time because we weren't looking indepth.

Lies, Honesty, and Authenticity

But my friends know who I am, what I do and what I'm into and they accepted me like that. I was so terrified at first to begin to be myself around them but the statement that those who love you will accept you as you are and get used to you is very much true. They even try to manifest now. Your authenticity is like a seed. You plant it into the world and it will blossom in the lives of those around you.

Move past resistance even through the fears

There is no ultimate version of me. I'm not meant to BE anybody. I just am. There is no ultimate version of me. The only thing constant about life is its fluidity. It is ever changing. Change is the only constant. Be so with humans too. We are always changing. One moment, we like a set of things and the other moment, we don't.

Some Messages That Keep Coming Up For Me And Might Be Useful For You Too

Not fully stepping into power. Personal power is the power to do what i want with my existence.

Non-divinatory Uses Of Tarot Cards: Embodiment Practice

But there are also non-divinatory uses of tarot cards that has long been ignored. The cards can be very practical.

Embodiment Practice For Those On The Autistic Spectrum

When we speak of embodiment in spirituality, we speak of taking on the personality of whoever or whatever personality we want. So you could embody the personality of a vixen, or the king of swords.

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