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In the Beginning: Dao and Consciousness

You know you are out of alignment when you begin to narrate your emotions instead of feeling them.Zara In the beginning there was the all and one. The all all or one was impartial It was neither good nor bad. The all or one responded to your call in whatever form The good, the bad,... Continue Reading →

Fear: How much do you believe in your vision?

The concept is fear. My challenge is and was and will still be in overcoming the fear; the fear of being myself, the fear of expressing myself, the fear of letting others see who I am. It is in learning to either allow fear to limit me or to grow through it. It is fear. Fear is a dangerous emotion. You don’t even realize that is sneaking up on you until it does. it weasels its way into your mind and begins to control all of your decisions and thoughts. It’s like your viewpoint of the world begins to get filtered out through the perception of fear. You are constantly holding your breath, knowing that something has got to give, but you aren’t quite sure yet. I had to experience fear to understand it and to see how it plays out in my life.

On Working Through A Spiritual Lesson

1. You get to ground zero. You could not be getting as much customers as before, you could run out of money, it feels like square one but not really. This is the ground zero stage. The stage where you have to relax, reflect, and reset your goals. Determine what has been working and what... Continue Reading →

Awareness, a quest for knowledge and a knowing beyond what I know

I think the greatest thing about being self aware is that you are constantly learning and growing. That's what it's about. Noticing your thinking patterns, noticing your negative thoughts, noticing how you are always falling into the space of the past or the future. That's one thing I'm working on—remaining in the now. It's currently... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts On Christianity Now Being a Watered down Version of The Original, Grace and Living Without Technology

It's like Christianity is a warped distant relative of Spirituality. They are forcing people to love each other instead of teaching them how to fall in love. Jesus's teachings are like a manual on how to gradually attain unconditional love. But over the years, word of mouth and writings and explanations have kind of watered... Continue Reading →

Life is about balancing between doing and flowing

I kind of want to scream a little bit. I screamed into my pillow earlier this morning. Working off the energy of the full moon, I did an intention setting/spell craft ritual. Then I pulled some tarot cards for the coming month. Let's just say that it was a manifestation ritual. And it made me... Continue Reading →

A little identity crisis

Who am I? That's the question I ask myself? Who am I underneath all the labels and the identities. Who am I? I don't know. I feel like an empty sac. I feel a little lost. I think I want to maybe turn this blog into a little of what it once was, a personal... Continue Reading →

Sometimes We Are Asked To Relearn

The lesson in this is that, sometimes we "check an area" or we learn a lesson or a knowledge and we only look at the surface level but we don't look around, we don't look deep within, we don't see how it relates, we miss vital information like where it came from or why it's there or what else could be learned from it. But when we REVISIT this information or knowledge, or even skills, we might see something that wasn't so hidden but that we missed the first time because we weren't looking indepth.

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