Songs and the Spark of memories

Why do songs ignite such strong emotional responses? I'm listening to a playlist by Johny Drille, before we fall asleep, and I'm being reminded of a long lost love. Someone I thought I'd be with for a long time. Someone I was ready to love unconditionally. The reason why he's associated with the song might... Continue Reading →

A Little Mind Chaos

I find that when I want to buy outfits, I think in terms of an aesthetics that I'd like to look like or what "spiritual" people ought to look like. I compare the dress that I run my hand through with the images fleeting through my head until I remember that it's not enough to... Continue Reading →

Life and all its variations

I like to think that I am learning a little something about life and human nature. I am learning that people are really different and it's in the recognition of that difference that love and understanding emerges.

Two Earths?

I have come to realize that there are almost two worlds. Those who are still knee deep in the capitalist/religious systems and who perhaps might never see the light of day. And those who are "spiritual" in some sense. Who understand that we can't eat money, technology isn't always helpful and that we need to return back to the earth. Nature veneration. Perhaps this is what people meant when they talked of "A new Earth."

Why does your spiritual beliefs play a big part in your life?

Most spiritual practices are quite all consuming. Mostly because they contain a set of values or life path or direction that you ought to follow that will lead you towards your destined goal. Be it if this goal is to be happy, joyful, content, or to be able to seamlessly pass through life without external circumstances having an influence on your internal state of mind. This can be a reason why a spiritual practitioner makes their practice their entire life. The same goes for philosopher too.

Social media break

At what point exactly do you plan on implementing what you've consumed into your life? You become motivated to work out and eat healthy, and yet, you can barely drag your eyes away from the phone screen. Just 10 more contents and you'd go work out. Until suddenly, you look up and night has fallen. Oh well, tomorrow it is.

Two opposite ends of a polarity

But now, I need to know why I should reject my humanity and my desires and my shadow. Or if I should accept myself wholly as I am. Otherwise, I don't think the voice of my inner criticism can rest.

What life lesson are you learning?

I am learning to be human and yet divine. To choose myself and yet to choose others too. Life is a tricky journey. It’s an exhausting one. But one that must be had and lived anyway. You just have to keep pushing until things get better.

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