Balancing Your Life Using a Wheel of Life

Pick one life thing at a time. So if it's like career, then focus on career, on learning, on growing, on money, finances, savings. Focus all your attention unto that one thing, on balancing it out. For me, it would be getting the precise on the top summary of the money that I have in my possession. Then I can divert them into one account so that I can focus on growing only that one account. That's called collation of energy.

Safety Plan 01

And so I'm starting small. If I were to live alone, I would have to be paying house rent. For the life I want to live, currently, I can't even afford to pay for a month's rent. Or half of a rent lol. And so the safety plan is to save up house rent every year. All the side hustle, business savings, gifts, all of that, add to a savings, and save up. For a year. Or maybe 6 months. However long you want it for. But if you can do that for that long? Then you definitely know that you are ready to move out  because you can now cover that expense. Then next, food money. Groceries. Do you want your own garden? Then learn to garden. Do you want to buy food? Fruits? Veggies? Then do that too. Save up the money to the approximate number of things that you will buy monthly.

On making decisions that is in alignment with self and on using money as a tool, not the end goal

How can I have a better relationship with money so I can attract it without letting it control me? Well if I see money as a source of kind of security and a means to an end then it's more about getting the things I want with it and leading the life that I want. So money is for growth and savings to get to where I want, as a tool. Money is a tool for me. But it doesn't determine my worth. I don't equate money to my sense of self worth or to my importance. Just safety and security. So let's see what happens when I begin to feel safe outside of money. Then money would become just a tool instead and not the end goal. A means to the end goal yeah.

On building a community and making friends. Hi.

Anyway, hi, and thank you for coming back. Introduce yourself in the comments below and let's be friends.

Self-care boxes for self-care days

Let's talk about self care boxes!! So what I mean are like little boxes or bags you create by yourself that includes a collection of things that you can bring out and use during self care days.

Self Awareness is a little shitty sometimes and that’s okay. Plus, healing isn’t linear.

By @healingbyemma on Instagram Being self aware is a shitty, overrated process because all your flaws and faults and shadows are laid out on a platter of gold for you to view and criticize. I've gone from not feeling my emotions to having them come in waves. I blame the lunar eclipse being in Taurus.... Continue Reading →

On Working Through A Spiritual Lesson

1. You get to ground zero. You could not be getting as much customers as before, you could run out of money, it feels like square one but not really. This is the ground zero stage. The stage where you have to relax, reflect, and reset your goals. Determine what has been working and what... Continue Reading →

What are your intentions?

One can share a message through telling ‘our story’ as I have just done, or through teaching methods of yoga, or singing, or making love. Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom."-Baba Ram Dass This is what I feel like I'm doing with my blog, with my... Continue Reading →

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