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On Sex not being the only form of intimacy

I am asexual. And I love it. It’s like I see people but I have no ability to sexualize them. When I had sex, it was either because we were together or I wanted to raise my body count. It was all fun and games. But I was truly genuinely bored. Then I got a fwb and it was nice because I got to explore my sexuality without feeling like I had to. It was all just exploration. But then, I got bored. And I cut things off. And I met someone (a she) and I thought “well I have only been with guys my entire life. I don’t possibly think I am ready to only stick to one sex organ, especially one I haven’t really explored with yet.” And then I got another experience with a guy yesterday and I thought “yeah, I am sure now that I can give this up.”

It’s hard enough to really want to have sex. But then, it gets boring when it’s just sex. Just bodies moving. No mind connection. No “I know that this person wouldn’t leave or I wouldn’t have to leave” kind of connection. I asked my ancestors what they wanted me to do before I left and they said I’d have an experience that would enlighten me to some truth. And truth did I gain. Two truths.
1. I don’t know and
2. I like intimacy but not necessarily sex.

If you are, maybe not in my shoes but you’ve been feeling the same way, perhaps it’s time to finally come to a conclusion on what direction you want to go. You don’t need to have sex to have intimacy. That’s a message that keeps coming up for me. 6:36am. If you read my previous blog post, you’d understand why I’m amused. I have literally been seen 6. 6:06, 6:16, 6:26. Now I am writing another blog and I see 6:36. I love all the reassurances my team sends. It’s like a little thumbs up that I’m moving in the right direction.

So anyway, sex is meh with random people, intimacy and sex don’t always go hand in hand, and you think you know but do you?

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