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What are your intentions?

One can share a message through telling ‘our story’ as I have just done, or through teaching methods of yoga, or singing, or making love. Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom.”

-Baba Ram Dass

This is what I feel like I’m doing with my blog, with my podcast, with my YouTube. I feel like when I experience something tough or exciting, there is always a lesson to be learned. And when I learn that lesson, I get eager to share it.

“What are your intentions?”

That is the question I ask myself lately. That is the question I heard from Hindz last week I think. Time feels surreal. It feels a little jumbled up. I sometimes forget if things happened last week or this week or last month. A little birdie mentioned that I am currently experiencing disassociation, which is why I can barely feel my feelings and why I feel spacey, a little like I am watching life play out, but I forget that I am in it and that I can talk and speak my mind. Sometimes, I question if I should be talking about the things going on indepth with me. Then I remember that I really don’t care who knows. I have gotten past being embarrassed about who I am.

Today, at work, I discovered that my co-workers were sexist and just very ish. But I stood my ground. Yeah, I am a feminist, and yeah, I am queer and a queer supporter. And you know what? That felt so fucking relieving because even though they threw jabs at me, I still felt whole in some ways.

And now I understand the importance of learning and spiritual knowledge because all through this, the one thought I had was “don’t take this personally.” Their behavior is a reflection of their environment and upbringing. I can’t be upset based on how someone else was raised and their conditioning. I can’t be upset that not everyone is on the same journey as I am. I can only smile and let it go. I think this is what acceptance is.

Back to intentions. What are your intentions? You, the reader. What are your intentions towards your job? What are your intentions towards your creativity? What are your intentions towards the communication you are having? What are your intentions towards your reading of this blog?

What are my intentions for creating? Just to create. To put myself out there. To be who I am. To grow and to learn and to teach and to know and to be. But not to teach too because what I say are things you already know. It’s more so about awakening the knowledge that were also awakened in me by my favorite creators. It’s like a chain. The last link contributed to my link and my link is contributing to yours and mine is contributing to theirs and yours is contributing to mine. So then together, we grow and become stable and steady.

So you, dear reader, what are your intentions? What is your one true intention to life? I suppose what people would call “true will.”

If you don’t believe in yourself and you think you’d be poor and end up alone and die alone, then you are manifesting that reality. You are willing it into existence. One true will. Remember when I said that after setting your intentions or manifestations, life becomes a little predestined? Yes. Life moves in the direction of your one true intention. So reassess yours now. Mine is to know. And I see now why I am on this journey.

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