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In the Beginning: Dao and Consciousness

You know you are out of alignment when you begin to narrate your emotions instead of feeling them.Zara In the beginning there was the all and one. The all all or one was impartial It was neither good nor bad. The all or one responded to your call in whatever form The good, the bad,... Continue Reading →

On Working Through A Spiritual Lesson

1. You get to ground zero. You could not be getting as much customers as before, you could run out of money, it feels like square one but not really. This is the ground zero stage. The stage where you have to relax, reflect, and reset your goals. Determine what has been working and what... Continue Reading →

On Sex not being the only form of intimacy

I am asexual. And I love it. It's like I see people but I have no ability to sexualize them. When I had sex, it was either because we were together or I wanted to raise my body count. It was all fun and games. But I was truly genuinely bored. Then I got a... Continue Reading →

Awareness, a quest for knowledge and a knowing beyond what I know

I think the greatest thing about being self aware is that you are constantly learning and growing. That's what it's about. Noticing your thinking patterns, noticing your negative thoughts, noticing how you are always falling into the space of the past or the future. That's one thing I'm working on—remaining in the now. It's currently... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts On Christianity Now Being a Watered down Version of The Original, Grace and Living Without Technology

It's like Christianity is a warped distant relative of Spirituality. They are forcing people to love each other instead of teaching them how to fall in love. Jesus's teachings are like a manual on how to gradually attain unconditional love. But over the years, word of mouth and writings and explanations have kind of watered... Continue Reading →

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