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On Maintaining Inner Peace and Energy Exchange

Life is about flowing. When we allow ourselves to fully relax and remain in our own energy, we begin to feel this peace bubble up. It’s this space where you push your anxiety to the back of your mind and just know with certainty that the universe has your back. And it’s that space that we are meant to remain in. Hold that space within yourself and do everything to cultivate it until it becomes permanent. And that’s where boundaries, healing, self care and just filtering what comes out of you comes into play. We are meant to create boundaries to ensure that nobody or no thing takes us away from that space, we are meant to do activities to nourish that space, we are meant to discover and work through emotions that might disrupt that space.

Energy is like money. There’s an equal exchange. What you put out, you get back. So when you are around toxic people, people whose energies just feel off, this also causes you to shift out of that space. And that’s why sometimes you just feel more drained that usual, because the energy that you’re meant to use to hold yourself and be at peace, you gave more to the other person because your high healing energy, which was created from that space, wants to help, wants to heal. You are more naturally attracted to helping. And because you gave more, you took in more and you are filled with the other person’s low energy. That’s why you see people leave your presence happier sometimes while you just feel drained. There’s an equal, albeit toxic exchange that just happened.

And that’s why we constantly have to watch who we interact with, what type of contents we watch. What we say, and so on. Because we are meant to remain in that peaceful state, and unless you are doing some healing work, some reflective work, you would easily be dragged out of that space.

I think I want to start recommending music from my Playlist so here’s another one: Chill

-Peace, A

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