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Career Tarot Reading: What I Learned Today

12:10 August 16, 2021: I just pulled some cards. I created a spread; a career spread.

1. What is coming next in career?

IX of wands: Experienced (something I already know of)The star: Astrology or divine arts (arts)Page of words: writer, communicator. I will be experienced in what is coming next. It’s something I already know how to do and it is under the divine arts. Under creativity. And it is being a writer or a communicator, so anything that has to putting my voice out there. Someone who maybe writes for occult or witches’ or spiritual websites or magazines.

2. What do I need to do to welcome it/ What do I need to let go of?

Temperance: Balance, Integration (integrating my spirituality with work or spirituality into everyday life). Use emotions and practicality, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, doing and feeling, intuition and power. August 31 update: (Yin and yang! That’s it. My higher self is balance. Feminine and Masculine energy. That’s why I have periods where I love pink and skirts and outings and other periods, I just want to stay by myself, hustling. I didn’t even realize I was doing this). I keep getting this message.

II of swords: denial that can cause me to be stuck in circular thinking (in order for me to welcome this opportunity, I need to think outside the box). August 31 update: the denial is that I am in control of my life and that I am powerful. Step outside the box literally means there are endless possibilities and I shouldn’t be stuck in limited thinking.

12:21 VIII of swords: Limited thoughts. Imprisoned by thoughts. You can either use your thoughts to keep you trapped or cut through limitations (negative thinking, negative thought patterns, emotional patterns and circular thoughts).

Denial creates thoughts of limitations like negative thinking and toxic emotional patterns. But you can use your thoughts to cut through and break those limitations because the thought creates beliefs and beliefs create limitations. Think outside the box, think past limitations. August 31 update: I love how spirit has been sending me the same message through different cards.

All in all, I am wondering if it could also relate to me reposting on my blog? Who reads blogs nowadays? Would my writing make it a thing again? I just got scared. I am limiting myself from thinking that my work could be important and could be beneficial to other people. I am scared to believe that I could make money from my creativity because I am innately comparing myself to other people.

My denial: My life is my own to control.

New belief:  I can do it. I can make it. I trust in myself and I trust in the process. I am the creator of my own reality. Whatever I want for myself will come to pass. I just need to plant the life force seed and let it germinate.

Crystals: Rose quartz and strawberry quartz, citrine and red Jasper, two amethyst for crystal grid. Labradorite neck piece. I didn’t intend for it to happen but it made an A!!!!! The crystal grid. My name? No? What?? New signature? For blog?? Instead of Z?? When I have been trying to find my name.

Dang spirit.

1:11: Burning former self contract. It’s time to rewrite my story. August 31 update: this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made).

-Yours sincerely, A

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