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On Starting A Spiritual Journey

Everybody’s journey is totally different. What works for me won’t work for you. It might, but unless you personalize it, you wouldn’t feel like your authentic self. Before you start your journey, ask yourself if what you want will ultimately make you feel love and at peace? Does it connect you to yourself or do you feel like you are just following a trend?

Also note that it’s not about finding a spiritual practice or finding purpose or starting a spiritual practice because it creates a feeling of separation. It’s like saying that you aren’t already your authentic self. What you are doing are activities that just connect you back to self. You are already a spirit having a human experience. Just flow and let things happen. You are already having that spiritual journey.

Find a covenant to signify to yourself a start of your journey. Like the biblical sabbat where no one is meant to work. Take a “sabbatical day”  where there’s no screen time, no TV, just you meditating, in your space, eating nourishing food, being creative, and flowing. You could also fast once a week adopt the celibacy lifestyle. You could start veiling to protect your crown chakra. And you can also create boundaries and ensure you maintain them. Wear a necklace! Grow your hair out! Shave off your hair. You could also adopt a pet or a plant. There is something about taking care of another living thing that makes you feel good. It all depends on you.

I can’t fully list out all every spiritual practice that there is. Listen to your intuition. What calls to you.

-Peace, A

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