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Once you relinquish control, everything flows towards your highest good

I finally started my internship and I’m already exhausted. Today made me realize how much I genuinely dislike office work. But I am looking at this as a lesson from the universe. I said I wanted to become a freelance social media manager or just anything in regards to writing and now, I am actively learning the scope of writing for advert (which I sort of enjoy). I am proud to call myself creative, because I am.

I also get to work remote!! Which I said I wanted too.

I think I’m going to stop scheduling blog posts and just post as spirit calls. This is sort of like a trust fall. Trust in myself, and trust in the universe that when the time comes, the content idea will come, just like before. I think I only started scheduling before because back then, I got like 2 to 3 downloads in a day. And I use the word “download” very lightly. The word and that of “channeling” has been misused so much that I am now a little aversed to them.

After you decide to relinquish control and just surrender and flow, you begin to feel this sense of peace and “sureness.” Like everything is okay and will be okay, and whatever happens is for your highest good. I have made my manifestations and sent out my intentions. Now, it’s time to sit back and receive because you hold absolutely no control over what would happen.

Also, remember when I mentioned that after your manifestation, everything becomes a bit “predestined?” I came home today by exactly 7:17pm. Well that was the time I got to my room and picked up the phone to check what time I got home. I finished eating downstairs, and wanted to get water from the dispenser at exactly 8:38 I think. My mum called me earlier today too when I was going to work at exactly 8:28. And then right after, I saw 8:38. It’s the little things. The little “coincidences.” I pulled tarot cards this morning and I got 10 of cups as one of the cards. I’m scrolling through Instagram and someone pulls a random card and 10 of cups comes out. So yes, I have decided that this job, even though stressful, is part of journey. And here I am finishing this blog post by 8:48. So you know, the universe works in mysterious ways. Embrace it.

Idk wtf is going on and I am enjoying it.

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