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It is okay to dream big

Question: I don’t know if I’m supposed to dream big or let the flow of the universe carry me.

Dream big dear. Dream really fucking big because you deserve it.

Even Sadhguru rides a motor bike to feel the thrill. That’s why you like bikes and want a rollerblade and a skateboard, because you want to feel the thrill and be excited.

My goodness. Don’t you fucking dare settle for less. Make a lot of fucking money. Be fucking, stinkingly rich. Money isn’t the enemy. Money is important in this society which means that you need it.

But in your big dreams, do not fucking allow that to overshadow your quest from internal validation.

Dream big but allow yourself to let go in that you cannot control the exact situation or person that will lead you to your goals. You can only determine how you want your life to be like, hold that image in your mind, hold whatever (your manifestation) it is that you want in your mind and then release it with the knowledge that it will come to pass. You just don’t know how yet. You can’t even control how.

Realization: So that’s what it means to allow the universal flow to carry you. You have imagined and thought your manifestation into being. It is now flowing in your timeline, just allow yourself to enjoy the ride and be carried through the rocks and waves to your destination: Paradise, meaning internal peace. Because you don’t know what it will take to get there.

You want to stop procrastinating? Then you will have to encounter challenges that will teach you how to stop procrastinating. You want a dream home by the river in Cuba or Costa Rica? Then you have to learn money saving habits, discipline and consistency. There’s this saying that goes “it is the journey, not the destination.” The Journey is where life happens. It is where you encounter love and heartbreak, where you learn to love yourself, where you learn to speak up for yourself, and celebrate yourself and be proud of yourself. That’s the journey.

You don’t live just so that you can obtain that goal of becoming like a Doctor, or a Nurse, or to live in Costa Rica, because after that, then what? You don’t make your life about that alone. You live because it makes you feel alive and because you know that through living and having fun, you are walking and taking actions towards that goal. It’s okay to derail and just wander around in a place for a bit. Don’t beat yourself up.

I am not living and taking only strict actions that will take me towards my goal of traveling and living. I am living while also knowing that I can’t see the next steps, but my future is clear and I will achieve it irrespective of my actions. Otherwise, you limit yourself only by the doing. “I have to unless I won’t…”

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