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Sometimes We Are Asked To Relearn

I know I repeat a whole bunch of things but that is for the sake of people who are reading my blog for very first time or people who missed my recent posts.

I’ve been learning to flow recently and just kind of take a back sit and observe, and allow myself to receive instead. And I have noticed that this has also slipped into my dreams. It’s 4am and I had a weird dream about money, dreams and observing the brain through a mass children experiment. The dream involved picking up money at a location, thinking up creative copies that involves (i can’t remember, a dog maybe?) And realizing that an organization does this thing where they pick a couple of children and kind of simulate real life. They tell them a particular belief about life (more or less actual things we believe in) and then they watch how the information shapes and grooms the children as they grow. So what reality they perceive, their thought patters, behaviors, etc.

But I chose to focus on the money aspect instead because there was a big lesson there. So at first, we (my aunt and I) find a couple of hundreds (naira) and then we think that that’s all so we don’t check the surroundings. But then later on, a bunch of us are outside dealing with an issue of receiving a package through a narrow gate (it’s entering all the same), and then suddenly someone exclaims and says there is way more money in the gutters that we didn’t check. And I mean, wayyy more. And I quickly go and pick it up so that I could rinse it and I leave the others to deal with the package.

The lesson in this is that, sometimes we “check an area” or we learn a lesson or a knowledge and we only look at the surface level but we don’t look around, we don’t look deep within, we don’t see how it relates, we miss vital information like where it came from or why it’s there or what else could be learned from it. But when we REVISIT this information or knowledge, or even skills, we might see something that wasn’t so hidden but that we missed the first time because we weren’t looking indepth.

So when we are called to repeat life cycles or life lessons, it isn’t because you didn’t learn the lesson the first time. It’s because you didn’t learn really learn the full scale lesson. You only just scratched the surface. And that’s why when I think of struggles, whilst before I seek knowledge from outside sources, now, I remember quotes or passages or even statements that relates and that would remind me of what to do in those situations. Like when I am having a disagreement with someone and then the quote “respond don’t react” pops into my head and guides my reaction to the situation. Even in regards to a skill. You could be a good writer but then have you ever tried scripting? Channeling messages? Writing absolutely thought and spiritual provoking pieces?

Sometimes we don’t fully scratch the depths, like how we still don’t know what’s beneath the ocean yet. And that’s fine. It takes time. It times awareness and observation. And sometimes, it could take someone else outside of yourself to show it to you. So be open to receiving and to observing.

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