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My bad days last longer than my good days. I’m fine, I know I am, but that doesn’t make me feel any less like I’m in the wrong place or wrong world or even the wrong generation. I feel misplaced, floating out of my own body, experiencing things but feeling all wrong.

You are sad?

Come now love. Let’s walk this journey together. I’m here for you. Unless you send me an email, I’m afraid the best I can do is offer you advice on how to feel better.

I wrote down a list of things that made me happy.

1. Receiving money
2. Buying new things
3. Receiving compliments
4. Having a good style day
5. Discovering good music
6. Buying and finishing a good book
7. Having clear skin
8. Having fun
9. Random Acts of Kindness
10. Accomplishing goals
11. Really good coffee
12. Winning at Call of Duty
13. Seeing my blog stats increase because tbh, this thing makes me feel insecure as hell. It’s hard work trying to please people. That’s why I don’t do it but this is an exception so please like it and maybe comment.

Try to write down your own list. Go on. Do it right now.

Now scroll through your contacts and look for someone you know loves you. Done? Good. (If you realize there’s no one, once again, I implore you to send me an email (

Click the call button and talk for a while. Talking to someone you care about increases a person’s mood by 60%.

*If you are like me who has airtime almost never, you can go ahead and skip that step and go to the next.

If you are also not into video games then you can also skip this. Winning makes me happy. Taking out my anger or sadness through my gun, shooting animated characters, those make me feel better every time. You can go right on and try it out.

Dance. Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to or not. Plug in your headphones, turn up the music and let loose. Be right on silly. Dancing releases the pent up feelings. After all, it has been described as a means of expression.

Watch your favorite movie(s). Try releasing all the tension by turning your attention unto something else. It’s no good to have your mind stuck on the negative for so long. Haven’t you realized that it makes the river dam flow more?

Go for a run, or a walk (or a waddle). I say waddle because let’s be real, some of us can’t run and some of us don’t like walking slowly.

Cat nap. Sleep is the best medicine all day everyday. Quote me on this (but maybe not when your are dying because you slept when you should have gone to a hospital).

Cuddle with your pet, or a person, or a stuffed animal or your favorite throw pillow. Or just…cuddle with yourself. You, my dear, are the best person to make yourself feel better.

Lie still and breathe. This is one advice that I try to fix into everything. And that is because meditated breathing can help a whole lot. It’s like breathing in all your sadness and pain and hurt and letting it go through your exhale. Sometimes I try it with physical pain and after a while, it feels like it has floated out of my body.

I really hope this helps

-Yours sincerely, Z

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