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Life is about balancing between doing and flowing

I kind of want to scream a little bit. I screamed into my pillow earlier this morning. Working off the energy of the full moon, I did an intention setting/spell craft ritual. Then I pulled some tarot cards for the coming month. Let's just say that it was a manifestation ritual. And it made me... Continue Reading →

Fear: Knowledge is Power

I began asking questions. And the more questions I asked, the more answers I got that helped to quell that fear. Knowledge is key. Knowledge is power. Be open and willing to learn. Learn from others. Learn from the experience. Learn from life.

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My bad days last longer than my good days. I'm fine, I know I am, but that doesn't make me feel any less like I'm in the wrong place or wrong world or even the wrong generation. I feel misplaced, floating out of my own body, experiencing things but feeling all wrong. You are sad?... Continue Reading →

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