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Road Alone

I’ve never traveled interstate alone before. I suppose it’s because my parents are super protective. But then due to situations, I was to travel out of the country alone.

So there I was, anxious to experience life as an independent woman and truth be told, aside from the cold and uncomfortable shoe (my bad) and a slight runny stomach, it was fun.

8 hours to Dubai, 2 hours wait time, 14 hours to America. 24 hours in the cold has me down with the cold. But I’m fine! Alas I shall not let that affect my stay.

Now in a bus to Boston from New York (to meet my sister. I stayed with my uncle for a day), I stare out the window and take in the scene and my wish to become a travel photographer has been strengthened.

In the train to the bus station (Greyhound)

The scene, new places, new food, all of it invigorate me. I could spend the rest of my life on the road (with music).

My first dunken donut coffee. I think I’m in love

I suppose I was scared at first. We were all scared. This is a major leap for me. Doing something scary is okay though. It might actually turn out fun. Close yours eyes, take a deep breath and make that leap. Staying in your comfort zone would get you nowhere

Road to Boston

-Yours sincerely, Z

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