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Poisonous: A poem by me

The moon seemed to shine down on
her like a blessing.
The chirping of the birds were to a dim.
The croaking of the frogs had dulled.
The sounds of the night were no more.
Only the weeping of the dejected could be heard.
The tears streaked down in painful lines.
Her eyes once like the sun, now like the murky waters she’d fallen in.
She’d been tainted beyond reprieve.
Her mind sought after the only way it knew could unburden her heart.
The blessing of mother earth had been stolen from her.
Her innocence had been crushed into dust.
The laughter that once filled her had been ripped out.
The joy that once moved her had come to a painful dwindle.
She saw no use for life.
The poison had crept into her system and stolen her thoughts.
She kneeled, surrounded by the peering sad faces of the animals that she once embraced in her warm love.
She picked up the object, feeling the weightless weight.
Then she let the crimson flow in the gentleness of a stream.
She smiled in blessed relief for she’d leave her tarnished body behind.
Alas, she was no more.

Yours sincerely, Z

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