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Welcome To A Safe Space

I don’t really know who I am. I don’t have a lot of wisdom or knowledge. The older I get, the more information I pick up, the better I’m able to deal with life situations. But I still know nothing.

I’m tired of doing because doing is exhausting. I’m not trying to even pass myself off as some knowledgeable, enlightened being because I’m far from that. I’m really nothing. I really don’t know what I’m doing now or later.

But I do know what I am learning a lot about life. Enough to hold healthy relationships, to be happy, to put myself first, to love, to be compassionate and understanding and accepting. Enough to live from my heartspace. To live and yearn in love.

I am vulnerable. I make myself vulnerable even though I get hurt so frequently. But I’m refusing to close myself off due to the actions of others. I choose to only focus on how I feel and in turn how everyone around me feels. You relate to others through the way that you feelwithin.

I know beauty. I see beauty. I live in beauty.

Perhaps this is privilege talking. Perhaps it’s just easier for me to have faith and trust based on my environment and upbringing. But it doesn’t matter who you are. We are still one and the same. An equal. And equals have the same chances depending on their mental state and vibrational level.

An equal.

An equal learning. Equal wisdom. Equal moments of wisdom and knowledge integration. Same lessons but at different intervals and at varying degrees.

I love you. I genuinely do. And I want to fall deeper in love still because love is all I currently know and yearn for.

Not a lot of people will accept me. I forget that not everyone is on their journey to healing and growth and Self realization. To wisdom acquisition through presence.

I tend to listen to the voices of others as to what humans want. But I know the set of people that I’m expressing to. I don’t want everyone to like me. I don’t want no one to like me. I just want to express from the space of my heart and not hide my vulnerability. Not to any slight degree. Here I am as a thinking and feeling. Here I am as a confused young-adult. Here I am doubting my own reality but choosing to connect this message to yours so that you may understand and form your opinion of me from your own perspectives.

I love you guys once again. It’s okay to feel. Not everyone wants to hurt you. I sure as hell don’t. I just want you to be at peace within and without. Freedom in all your entirety.

So I’m going to be sharing the things that helped me during whatever struggles, in different headspaces, different energies, and with whatever knowledge that I have. Maybe knowledge leads to wisdom even.

Unhappy but happy

The crying of the soul

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