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At what point exactly do you plan on implementing what you've consumed into your life? You become motivated to work out and eat healthy, and yet, you can barely drag your eyes away from the phone screen. Just 10 more contents and you'd go work out. Until suddenly, you look up and night has fallen. Oh well, tomorrow it is.

A True Meaning Of Debt

You pile on too much workload, too many things on your "important" or " to do" list and this grows until it builds up. This happend through procrastination. Procrastination is the habit of holding back on the things you have to do, and dragging them along with you until deadlines or "emergencies." The debt and the clutter drains your energy. They are energy trainers and time wasters because you keep thinking about them, about doing them. You give your mind more things to do, more things to think about and worry about.

Straight Spine: A gateway to self-love

“Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances.”Maya Angelou Sitting up straight goes deeper than the normal meaning assigned to it. It doesn’t just have tons of health benefits such as reduced low back pain, fewer headaches, increased energy levels, and so on; it has psychological ones too. Studies... Continue Reading →

Self-care boxes for self-care days

Let's talk about self care boxes!! So what I mean are like little boxes or bags you create by yourself that includes a collection of things that you can bring out and use during self care days.

Self Awareness is a little shitty sometimes and that’s okay. Plus, healing isn’t linear.

By @healingbyemma on Instagram Being self aware is a shitty, overrated process because all your flaws and faults and shadows are laid out on a platter of gold for you to view and criticize. I've gone from not feeling my emotions to having them come in waves. I blame the lunar eclipse being in Taurus.... Continue Reading →

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