All Paths Lead To Happiness

All is innately the same. Not everyone has to believe in the same thing. Different paths can lead to happiness.

Seeking A Balance Between The Masculine And Feminine Energy

"The “mission” or the search for freedom is the priority of the masculine, whereas the search for love is the priority of the feminine."

The Intensity Of Sex Energy

Sex energy is different from other energies. It also feels eternal. A little less older than love energy. And that's why love is sometimes intertwined with sex.

Manifestation Explained

Manifesting is a concept that essentially refers to encouraging the life force to do what it does best: to seed new creation.

Non-confusing Explanation About The Universe And The Laws Of Attraction

Think of the universe as a friend, your best friend. But this friend can do anything. This friend can make anything happen. And this friend constantly wants to help you, wants to make you happy because this friend holds nothing but love for you.

Snippets Of Insights From Me And Others To Inspire You

Like the sabbat where no one is meant to work. Take a day too where there's no screen time, no TV, just me meditating, in my space, eating nourishing food, being creative, etc

On Being Present

To be present, focus on the awareness. The awareness is what perceives things.

There’s Only You Now

Why do we always feel like our higher selves is in the future? Like the life we want is in the future? But it's not. It's all now. You are your higher self. You aren't a separate person. You are you. You are your future self.

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