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Take Action: Let the Now Impact The Future

I am still here, as I am, struggling with my mental health and my health and working out and these might be life long struggles. I will keep learning and growing. There is no "person" that I need to be like or that I need to be. There is no "future me." Bring awareness into the now.

On finding your purpose and personal legend

For a long time, I believed in purpose. Then I listened to voices outside myself that said that purpose was wishy washy and it could be anything I was currently doing. But while I still believe that, I have come to understand that we do have purposes. We don't have to spend our entire life worried about what our purpose is and if we will ever discover it.

What Is The Ego?

But the ego, and us aren't different. There is only us as our higher, divine selves, and the ego which is a collection of beliefs and perceptions, hurts, trauma and memories that has been inflicted upon us.

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