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Life is about balancing between doing and flowing

I kind of want to scream a little bit. I screamed into my pillow earlier this morning. Working off the energy of the full moon, I did an intention setting/spell craft ritual. Then I pulled some tarot cards for the coming month. Let's just say that it was a manifestation ritual. And it made me... Continue Reading →

On finding your purpose and personal legend

For a long time, I believed in purpose. Then I listened to voices outside myself that said that purpose was wishy washy and it could be anything I was currently doing. But while I still believe that, I have come to understand that we do have purposes. We don't have to spend our entire life worried about what our purpose is and if we will ever discover it.

Planning Ahead To Letting Go

But the thing with planning for the next 3 years is that, everything changes. The world isn't static. Things might not work out exactly the way I want them to.

Procastination Getting The Best Of You?

Don't try to make perfect. When you do it everyday just for the fun of it, and with no expectations, just because you love doing it, then a great piece wouldn't matter from a bad one because you didn't intend for it to happen.

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