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Two Earths?

I once told my friend that it felt like more people where becoming spiritual and healing and trying psychedelics. And she said, from her perspective and in her reality, that statement doesn’t stand. This made me wonder if this was the law of attraction coming into play. Like attracts like. The more spiritual I become, the more my energy vibrates on the same frequency of those a little like me. I have recently come across three or maybe even four content creators whose goal is also just to express and to serve the world in their own little ways by dropping nugget of channeled, inner wisdom. People in their 20’s, healing and growing and actively learning life lessons. People who have a steady or semi steady spiritual practice. So maybe it’s not that more people are becoming spiritual, but that we are gravitating more towards each other.

I have come to realize that there are almost two worlds. Those who are still knee deep in the capitalist/religious systems and who perhaps might never see the light of day. And those who are “spiritual” in some sense. Who understand that we can’t eat money, technology isn’t always helpful and that we need to return back to the earth. Nature veneration. Perhaps this is what people meant when they talked of “A new Earth.”

In my Earth, I see more people who are loving. I see more people who are healing. More people building a solid inner foundation, nurturing their internal energies and fostering a sense of kinship with everyone irrespective of who they are. These are people realizing that though your background and environment contributes some to who you are, they are not who you are. You shouldn’t be summed up and classified based on that. People who grew up in the slums are no less worthy of respect that people who grew up in high rise mansions. It’s the realization that we don’t have to be mean in order to make it in life. And that there’s no need for competition in a universe that is abundant. My Earth is filled with peace and love and meditation and manifestations. It’s filled with crystals and clothing and energy. Figuring out life. Walking your own path. Psychedelics. Ayahuasca. Lessons. Love. And total self acceptance. Acceptance of our shadow. Love of self and others. Death and the nature of life after death. Alternate living and permaculture. Mind power, psychism, eating healthy, nurturing your energetic body, and just trying to be a good and wholesome person. That’s my Earth and my reality. A fostering of safety. A group of people from every corner of the world, energetically holding hands and doing this work to heal the Earth and to contribute in whatever way that they can and trying to spread the message that there is an alternate way of living to others who are still stuck in the system or who don’t see any other way out except to conform to the system. That’s my Earth.

What Earth are you living in? Are you stuck in a system that tells you that making money is the most important thing? That tells you that you are better than others? That fosters judgement and cruelty? That tells you to close your eyes as the Earth is destroyed? That keeps you stuck in a negative loop as they feed you negative and disheartening news? Taking away your power and leaving you feeling helpless? That says that getting the new car and phone showcases your worth? Is that your Earth? I’m here to tell you that there’s another way of living that doesn’t involve all of that. It involves finding contentment and peace and happiness.

But first, you have to be willing to be curious. Be willing to allow your mind to wander and wonder without fear. I assure you that you will not be punished for being curious as to what else is there. For being curious. Curiosity is a natural aspect of humanity. Allow yourself to walk out of the programming and conditioning.

I still struggle sometimes. I’ve been on this journey a little less than 3 years. But I have never been happier, realizing that I have the ability to get whatever it is that I want. Although constantly being tested in faith in self and faith in the universe. Faith in my beliefs. Self trust. Wonder. And welcome to the light.

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