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Why does your spiritual beliefs play a big part in your life?

Twice now, I have been asked if my social media feed contained only spiritual posts. And the answer is sort of, but not quite so. Majority of the contents that I consume are spiritual or self help content. Contents around healing and becoming a better person. About the astral or spirit world and about psychedelics, obtaining knowledge and merging with the Oneness of the all.

Most spiritual practices are quite all consuming. Mostly because they contain a set of values or life path or direction that you ought to follow that will lead you towards your destined goal. Be it if this goal is to be happy, joyful, content, or to be able to seamlessly pass through life without external circumstances having an influence on your internal state of mind. This can be a reason why a spiritual practitioner makes their practice their entire life. The same goes for philosopher too.

The main goal of most humans is to be happy and in some ways content with their lives. So when a practice claims to have the ability to make you feel just that, and even has proof to justify their practices, then it’s almost unavoidable to get sucked in. In every religious/spiritual/philosophical practice or mindset, there will always be justifications. There will always be people who have heard the voice of God, or who have been touched by the holy spirit, or who have encountered a deity. There will be people who will swear by this.

I am stuck in the middle of these practices. The questions may arise that: are these people delusional? Is this a case of mass psychosis? Or is there actually some truth behind these individual and collective experiences?

For one, there are cases of people who have delved so deep into their spiritual practices that they have purified themselves so much so that they can cause healing and miracles. They experience life on a different level than others. There is a physical manifestation to their level of faith and beliefs and practices. Take a Buddhist monk who claimed that once he was meditating and he was so deep into his meditative practice that he felt the rock that he was sitting on dissolve. He felt the ground fall away and he couldn’t feel his body anymore. There are more recorded cases of yogis levitating, monks lighting papers on fire with their chis and ordinary people like you and me healing themselves of chronic diseases just by focusing on their inner energies.

The one commonalities that I can see within these practices, however, is the fact that most of them are concerned more with purifying your internal energies. They are almost all (if not all) concerned with what you eat, what you consume, be it content wise (through your eyes, ears and noses), what you wear on your body, what you say, what you think, how you act and so on. And by focusing on your internal energies, by trying to purify yourself in some ways (purify really meaning going back to an almost state of naturality), you are more likely to experience “God.” Because God is the most natural form of humans. We were created in his image, the Bible says. So perhaps when we are in our most natural state, without all the added items, we begin to have some realizations of God. We are our most Godlike.

I have noticed that the more indepth my spiritual practice is, the kinder I become, the more loving I become, the more understanding and accepting I become too. I find myself being tolerant and calm and patient. Cultivating all these innate good qualities that aren’t even cultivated but just naturally arise from seeing myself as a flawed human, by observing my own thinking patterns and my suffering and by recognizing this side of myself in everybody else.

I think the part that most people get wrong through is that you have to become someone other than yourself. That you have to reject yourself to find yourself. I find that to be a silly notion. Instead by seeing your flawed self as perfect, by understanding yourself and having self-compassion, your love for self grows. Your recognition of self grows. Your shadow, your dark side is a natural part of yourself. So are what we deem to be “negative emotions.” Your anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, resentment. These all come to pass across a message. A message that something isn’t quite right. Not with you no. Not with anyone. But with the energy. There’s something coming up here that needs acknowledgement and healing. So feel your emotions. Understand your emotions. Love your emotions. And then let them go after the appropriate time has been given to them.

Now back to these internal energies, my theory is that there is a natural state of being. A pure state of being. A natural energy where the chakras are balanced, there are no internal energy blockages and we eat what nature has provided for us. Some would stand by firmly and say that we should be vegetarians. But if animals eat animals, why do we higher animals think eating animals is wrong? If a lion gets the chance and is hungry enough, they’d eat a human without a second thought. It’s, as we say, the cycle of life. Life comes, life goes. And round and round it goes.  Then there are foods that grow from the ground and on the trees. Foods that we produce and are processed are discovered to really just be horrible for us. Foods like pasta, and chips. Ketchup and mayonnaise. All the extra added.

Then there are other things that aren’t food but are ridiculous. Like fur boots. Skinning and killing an animal just for their fur. Then there are the jeans, the ridiculously big houses that we build just to feel some sense of self worth or worthiness, or maybe achievement, there are the new sets of phones that come out every year which for some reason, we keep buying, there’s the money we keep producing even though the world is already quite rich, the plastic bottles of water, the wrappers and nylons that strangle our sea animals, and just all the excesses. All the external noise. The constant make up being produced, new lines of clothing that are ridiculously expensive, and all of that.

But apart from trying to showcase our external forms in grandiose manners, what does that do for our internal states of being? How does that affect our relationship with other humans? Do we come from the angle of “look at me, I’m better than everyone else because of all this ridiculous charade that I’m putting on?”

The traditional Chinese talk of the internal meridians. The yogis and Hindus talks of the chakras and nadis. Science talk of energy centers. And everyone talks of meditation and mindfulness. Of observing your thoughts and of self awareness. Of how we are made up of energy and vibrations and so is everything else. So if there is a natural state of being, a natural high energetic pattern where everything flows in unity, this means that this natural pattern is where we can perform miracles and heal ourselves and others, and where we know and feel God because we aren’t separate from God. But when we begin to place all these extra, added things, and we begin to consume things that aren’t good for us, our energetic patterns begins to lower. Our vibrations lower. We become hazy and draggy. Less connected to our true nature. And we deviate. Looking for things outside of ourselves to make us feel whole. For some people, the last time they ever felt this natural state of being was when they were still suckling on their mother’s nipples and managing to drink water. Otherwise, right from a young age, we’re already pumping ourselves full of artificiality.

Now, social media and technology has made us even more disconnected from ourselves so that we can barely feel that something is wrong and that our energies are off.

When you begin to learn about our internal state, the nervous system and safety, peace, contentment, the energetic bodies, the meridians, the nadis, the chakras, and we begin to balance them out, then perhaps there’s hope for us still.

The other day in a YouTube video, I talked about how when I talked, I felt the vibrations within me. When you talk, you can feel the vibrations when you touch your chest. Words are spells they say. The power of the tongue is might. In the beginning, there was the word, and the word was God. Your thoughts create your reality. These are probably all statements that you might have come across. Most avid meditation practitioners pick a mantra to focus on. By focusing on that one mantra and repeating it over and over again, it is claimed that one’s entire system can begin to vibrate in the same pattern as that word. Just like how what we say or think ourselves to be is what we end up becoming. Our words vibrate in our entire body and outside too. It creates an energetic pattern. Our thoughts become us. Have you ever noticed how your sense of “I” stems from the mind? “I am sad” starts from a thought. “I am” begins from within. You are willing yourself to be, claiming yourself to be. Giving yourself attributes. The question now is,  what attributes are you giving yourself?” Observe your nature first. Observe what you are first claiming yourself to be. Then write down the things about yourself that you want to change and then change it. By accepting who you are first and foremost, instead of remaining in denial, is the first step to self change.

The message here is that, within every practice and belief lies a truth. That truth is that we are made up of energy and vibrations like words and music can determine how that energy shapes itself. Other external energies like food, clothing and the people that we surround ourselves by can determine how that energy shapes itself out to be too and how connected to God you are. Which is why you find a lot of these gurus or monks with an intensive spiritual practice, or people who take psychedelics having knowledge that aren’t common. Because they have purified their energies to some extent. Well except psychedelics. Psychedelics bypass the purification process and thrusts your energy way up there. Fasting is also a good one. Fasting naked in a place of silence and solitude or with music with a good vibrational pattern, will most likely help too.

This article is a way to clarify my own thoughts on my spiritual practices and beliefs. Any practice that brings in dogma (that is, my way is the only way), is a practice that really isn’t leading you to truth. It’s up to you to realize the core truth beneath whatever practice that you undertake, recognize if it’d help you raise your energy, or create your own like how all these other practices were also created.

And as to why spiritual practices encompass your entire life? Well it is a whole person practice. Your belief is everything. And it teaches you how to become a person in whatever regards.

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  1. RE “There will always be people who have heard the voice of God, or who have been touched by the holy spirit, or who have encountered a deity. There will be people who will swear by this. I am stuck in the middle of these practices. The questions may arise that: are these people delusional? Is this a case of mass psychosis? Or is there actually some truth behind these individual and collective experiences?”
    Yes, the culturally unacceptable inconvenient “truth behind these individual and collective experiences” is that it’s collective delusion — meet “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …

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