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In the Beginning: Dao and Consciousness

You know you are out of alignment when you begin to narrate your emotions instead of feeling them.


In the beginning there was the all and one.
The all all or one was impartial
It was neither good nor bad. 
The all or one responded to your call in whatever form
The good, the bad, the evil, the luck, the love, the self growth, the expansion. 
The all or one used your thoughts and energies to find out what you really want.
How you really want to feel and be treated. 
The all or one was objective. 
And in that all and one came consciousness. Consciousness bred love through seeing and understanding itself. 
Consciousness could see how it was all perfect.
But consciousness developed personalities to keep understanding itself.
Forever lost in the expansion of imagination through imagination and creativity through wanting and desires. 
Our mind works best through formulating plans 
But do you want to keep formulating plans and give your mind to the rest?
Do you want to stop seeing everybody else as your enemy and instead choose to focus just on yourself?
But would that mean no imagination or creativity?
Or is imagination and creativity created from consciousness?
How about don't try and you become a beacon of creativity?
You are content.
You become content.
You are just you
In all your magnetic and magnificent self.
To experience God, perhaps you have to let go of consciousness.
Let go of the filtering because the consciousness is filtering.
And seeing
And piling
And falling under miles and miles of mind and objects and concepts and illusions.
Likes, dislikes, truths, no truths. 
It's just you as you are.
Observer, Objective, Unfiltered. 
Let go of consciousness now or later? At your time of death. 
Be willing to let go of living when you die. 
Don't hold on to living
To consciousness
Hence you reincarnate and restart your journey
Or think you're restarting a journey
Or like anything in the middle matters
Or like anything at the end matters.
Consciousness gives you life. 
To have enlightenment, you have to be willing to give up that life.
Now or later, now or later.
Nothing you do in the middle matters except what you give meaning because the universe is objective. 
And the universe doesn't innately care except you ask it to care. 
And consciousness gives the universe a course. 
Because desires bred consciousness. 
And consciousness bred love
A desire
A want
A need
I see my mind grasping for concepts and thoughts and images to gain and gather information and knowledge. 
Thinking within thinking. 
Living inside a tao where everything is as it is
And everyone is connected
And we are all in an energetic spiderweb-like field. 
All entangled.
All colliding
All grasping for the images they know
And the mimicry that they can do to best convey those words that they are convinced that the other can't hear.
But what if that barrier had been broken down
And we really can hear what the other person is thinking
Their vibrations? 
What part of you says "no that's fiction. That's not possible"? 
What if the symbols that we know are wrong or that they matter only to us in the way that they personally matter only to us when we are so absorbed into our own lives. 
And what if the symbols matter according to religions and cultures and languages? 
Thinking reinforces languages and languages reinforces consciousness. 
When you stop thinking for a while, you realize that nothing "stuck."
Everything was just exactly as is without interpretations. 
Just is. 
But you have to keep digging to keep learning and keep growing and keep expanding.
Gentle nudges to expand. 
Does tao want to expand or does the consciousness? 
Maybe that's why our consciousness is being gathered through the devices. 
The phones
The languages
What if you think for a single moment that none of these matters?
And everyone else thinks the same for that single moment?
Is just a single moment of a bright shining light enough to change the course of humanity?
But then what of the angels? 
What parts do they play?
I see how they aren't the small-scale that we think of them to be.
Creatures or creative forces of inspiration
Not for personal use for anything other than expansion and growth.
If they are "good" and that's saying that consciousness is good. 
But they don't know what is good or bad unless it's for expansion or decompression. 
Because good and bad are human concepts
That hold meanings only to us in our limitation. 
But they've never felt the human emotions and had the human experiences. 
They cannot know why we want the things that we want
Or do the things that we do. 
So if they just provide everything that we want
The maybe angels are from tao.
Good and bad, but just to give to those who wants and who calls.
Everybody is equal in the eyes of tao irrespective of who they are. 
Perhaps tao isn't love and consciousness isn't either. 
But love emits and radiates out of consciousness through the beauty. 

And what of energy? 
Dark matter? 
Is that what consciousness projects to experience itself?
So out if consciousness bred matter, energy. 
But then this all means that consciousness isn't the tao so God. 
Consciousness came from God
There was only the impartial at first
With the angels
And then the partial, the devil, consciousness wanted to rule.
And the fallen angels who also gained consciousness. 
So is consciousness evil?
Should we be impartial to everything?
Even things that causes trauma to persons?
Or persons that hurt you. 
You just have to be willing to leave it all.
But love?
Love is that spark of consciousness
The fuel power of consciousness
It pulls you back in
It nurtures you
It loves you.
It offers salvation. 
A chance to know who you are
And a chance to experience
You have to keep choosing love.
A belief? 
He lost himself in love.
He was a beacon to love.
The single bright shining light of centuries ago. 
Just love.
Consciousness or bliss?
To live or to let go? 
Now, you are alive.
Enjoy the aliveness while you are still alive
While you still hold consciousness
Be here now.
You are here now. 
There's no coming out of it till death
Realize that you are all equal in experiencing this aliveness together. 
You can only fall deeper in love and deeper still. 
Until it's time to leave and you just let go and desolve. 
Don't cling on.
Not to anything.
Let go.
Don't think
Don't do. 
Just be
We reinforce our beliefs through words. 
Taking on character
"I am dramatic."
"I am a sadist." 
"I don't feel anything."
"What if this?" 
But love leads us deeper into ourselves
Love makes you want to "heal"
To think better, to be better, to do better.
So love leads us to grow
But grow with empathy and compassion. 
That's what living is. Love. 
And dying is to let go of living. 
Love is humanity
Because that's what it means to feel love.
Love is feelings
Love is us.
That's what makes us different from the rest of the other species.
Because we love.
And those with conscious love. 
And those with tao are just
The bees that kills its mate
Or the lion that finds his lioness.
The lion that kills its prey
Or the wolf that becomes a dog.
Higher levels of consciousness are judged by your level of internal love.
Be love now, alive
And be one now, dead. 
Just be willing to let is us all. 
And now I have to draw myself back into this reality because I have some obligations and responsibilities.
I am so tired and so drained.
Almost like I could fall asleep in on my myself.
Lull myself to sleep. 
Because half my consciousness is being drawn into the technology. 
Maybe they draw your attention into the technology to stop you from I don't know. 
You have to do your practices to bring you back into presence
That's why they are important.
You need to clear out the stale energy of others and focus only on that voice of God
A call
The calling
That constant yearning to grow and to follow your heart.
You need to remove the stronghold of the ego
That which creates identity
The ego makes you think you're enlightened so there's no need for practice
The ego increases your pride so that humility seems silly
The ego decreases your willpower so you fall into your temptations.
The ego inflates yourself so that you think you are already God.
So you distract yourself from yourself
Because your soul knows that you're walking wrong. 
You are growing in the ego instead of in the spirit.
You are rolling in separation instead of thriving in oneness. 
You have to heal and learn the lessons so that you can know how to handle temptations better.
You are a vessel to channel the divine.
You tap into the knowing through your level of consciousness; presence
You remain in the consciousness; presence
You hear the voice of God
A spark of the divine. 
The eyes and mouthpiece of God
But not God in it's entirety.
Just an expression of God
You know you are out of alignment when you begin to narrate your emotions instead of feeling them. 
You know you are out of alignment when you begin to narrate your presence instead of being in presence.
You are now under the voice of the eternal "me" instead of the just feeling and just being. 
We are just here tapping into energies and vibrations
Is tao energy?
Then consciousness is concentrated energy?
You think you see wise based on the level that you are in
You think you are wise for that time
Until you look back and see the lack of information that you had. 
Knowledge and experience. 
Be appreciative even when not appreciative.
Really notice people 
Really notice the world
Really notice the experiences and perspectives of others. 
It's so easy for us to get lost in our own views and our own world. 
It's so easy to care small-scale
It's easy to get overwhelmed by reality Unfiltered, reality reduced, reality only though your lens.
Unseeing and unfeeling of the other person's emotions and thoughts and worries.
Their own Maya, their own suffering.
Compassion and love. 
But love is hard. 
This is a hard journey. 
So most people back out and lean into their toxicity and their egos. 


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