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Straight Spine: A gateway to self-love

“Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances.”

Maya Angelou

Sitting up straight goes deeper than the normal meaning assigned to it. It doesn’t just have tons of health benefits such as reduced low back pain, fewer headaches, increased energy levels, and so on; it has psychological ones too. Studies have shown that sitting up straight can lead to more confidence in your thoughts. One such study was conducted by Ohio State University which appeared in the October 2009 issue of the European Journal of Social Psychology. Seventy one undergraduate students were asked to either sit up straight or slouched. The study required these students to write down their positive and negative traits which would contribute to their professional success. It was discovered that those who were asked to sit up straight believed more in themselves and the things that they wrote down about their qualifications than those who were slumped over. When you sit or walk with your back straightened and your head held high, you get a surge of confidence. You feel like you could do, achieve and be anything. And you can.

Your posture and general body language say a lot about who you are. Straightening your spine can make you feel in control; which is the way that it should be. You should not feel the need to bend and make yourself feel small. Slouching can indicate that you are trying to hide or to remove yourself from the public’s eye. But what would happen when you decide to reclaim your confidence? What would happen if you allow your femininity and authenticity to shine through? What would happen when you stop reducing yourself because you don’t want to be judged? Can you imagine what you could achieve?

Straighten your back and allow you to support yourself. Allow yourself to know, see and feel that you’ve got your own back; because that’s what you can allow straightening your spine to mean to you—to know and understand that no matter what happens, you will be there for yourself, and you can carry and support yourself through the pain, the fears, the rejection, and the doubts. You are and will always be there for yourself because even if no one else remains in your life, you are that one constant.

Sit up straight and reclaim your confidence. Do not allow yourself to be limited in the things that you do or say because you do not think that you are good enough. Discover that limiting belief that weighs on you and that tells you to remain insecure and then quell it. It’s time for a change. Gaining confidence in yourself can create a passage to achieving your dreams, earning respect, and becoming bold, happy, excited, and passionate about life.

Your posture says a whole lot about your self-talk and your self-belief. Bad posture may portray that you wish to fold into yourself and that you do not believe that you are good enough. Bad posture may also portray that you do not believe that you can support yourself.

At first, it might be hard to adjust, but start small. Start with when you walk short distances. Eventually, you might get used to the discomfort and you begin to enjoy the benefits instead.

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