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To the few that reads this

I haven’t written in a while. But I felt like I had to today, right now.

I am exhausted. I am truly truly exhausted. That’s it. It feels like I have to talk to someone but I don’t really have anyone to talk to. I am going through a challenge that I’m having a hard time figuring out. It makes me feel a little bit like a fraud because here I am, running a blog whose entire contents is about giving people ways to heal themselves when I, myself, cannot heal myself in this space.

I have lost my peace. And I don’t know how to get it back. Or rather, I do know, but I don’t have that strong sense of clarity quite yet. I believe that I am currently experiencing the pre-destination from an absolute moment.

The point of posts like this is to showcase myself as human. I read blog posts and watch YouTube videos and I see Instagram posts and it feels like everyone is trying to parade themselves as superhuman. They have figured out how healing works, and how lessons work, and how to do this and that, and that made or makes it difficult to truly connect. 

I am exhausted and I don’t know what to do. So bare with me during this blogless period. This bitch is undergoing internal radical changes.

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  1. I hope you find alignment and get back to that peaceful place. The fact that you’re dealing with things and that you aren’t in a peaceful place right now simply proves that you are human. That alone is relatable. 🙌

    I just had an epiphany today about what I should be doing. It was so plainly obvious that I was completely oblivious and distracted from the truth. The universe has a way of guiding us even when stuff doesn’t make sense to us in the moment. Don’t feel bad for taking a break. Write whenever you feel the need to write rather than force it… just being your authentic self is enough.

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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the encouragement. Plus, hey! Good for you! I wish you the strength to pursue what you want. Yes haha the universe does work in strange ways. Even when you think you’re lost, you still get synchronities.


  2. For me personally, I like honesty and realness. I like to read about people’s struggles with applying what they read and how they feel they would live if only they could. That’s what I write about because being true to my life and self feels more authentic than it would if I’d reached some perfect idealised version of myself. You’re doing fine. I’m in a bit of dark night of the soul experience right now and maybe the same is true for you. It’s okay to share more or take a break, just do what feels most true to yourself.


    1. Thank you for this. I really appreciate your kind words. I do think this is a dark night of the soul that I’m experiencing. I understand how hard your struggles might be right now because you are also experiencing this, so I wish you good health, strong will, and lots of love.


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