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Balancing Your Life Using a Wheel of Life

Pick one life thing at a time. So if it’s like career, then focus on career, on learning, on growing, on money, finances, savings. Focus all your attention unto that one thing, on balancing it out. For me, it would be getting the precise on the top summary of the money that I have in my possession. Then I can divert them into one account so that I can focus on growing only that one account. That’s called collation of energy.

Then when that is balanced out in a healthy manner (don’t ignore everything else in your life), you can then move in to balancing out your relationships. Your friendships, relationships, family, dogs, pets. On spending time with them, getting to know who these new people are, your family. Like do you really really know them? Your siblings?

Then next your health. Begin to workout afterwards. Take care of your health. Go to the doctor and have a checkup. Of course, the other two things that you’ve worked on should be balanced too. So you have your finances, relationships and now your health in check. And on and on it goes. And when you are able to fully balance out everything and declutter from ALL areas of your life, you’d be able to easily recognize when one area isn’t doing as well anymore.

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