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Safety Plan 01

So I’m thinking, right? And I’m thinking about what what I call “safety plan 0.1”

That previous statement was so messed up before lol because sometimes, my sense of English just flies out of my head.

And safety plan 1.0 is about savings or embodiment.

The other day I was thinking about just my finances and my relationship with moment and it made me realize that I didn’t have a good one. Money then was like a tool for safety to me. When I should have been carrying that statement unto myself. And that’s what victim mentality does. It makes you anchor unto a particular piece of thought or experice and make you think that that is your reality. That if you don’t have money then everything won’t be alright because if things go haywire then you wouldn’t be able to hold odd on your own.

Well then, I guess it’s time to get something that will help you hold off on your own. That will be a career for you, long term. And that’s why you started your journey so early. Because it’s like you have a lot of things to accomplish and you have at of things to do and see and you weren’t meant to be blind for too long. Your heart craves freedom. Your soul does. Freedom like this, like in this moment. Being alone, being able to do whatever you want, living alone, actively taking care of yourself. You don’t have anyone else to care for but yourself. You can nurture others but you put yourself first. Your mental health, your strength, your willpower, your you, your identity. Do care for you. You care for your own ship. And by caring for your own ship, you can better care for others will giving them the space for learn to care for their own ship too. It’s about gently nudging and embracing. Not pushing it all out there in their faces. Give them the space to get comfortable and grow into that space.

Oh right, back to using money as a tool. Basic things. I need some basic things to survive: pay my rent, good food, whatever else luxury I want without it putting a dent into my basic living money (but on a budget), growing and surviving, plane tickets when I need them, money for trips, for fun, for life, my visa (because I want to leave here), being able to fix whatever electronics or furniture or machinery expenses come on, etc.

And so I’m starting small. If I were to live alone, I would have to be paying house rent. For the life I want to live, currently, I can’t even afford to pay for a month’s rent. Or half of a rent lol. And so the safety plan is to save up house rent every year. All the side hustle, business savings, gifts, all of that, add to a savings, and save up. For a year. Or maybe 6 months. However long you want it for. But if you can do that for that long? Then you definitely know that you are ready to move out  because you can now cover that expense. Then next, food money. Groceries. Do you want your own garden? Then learn to garden. Do you want to buy food? Fruits? Veggies? Then do that too. Save up the money to the approximate number of things that you will buy monthly.

So in a month, I could spend a hundred or 200 hundred dollars on food. Then I save up that amount monthly plus the money I save for my rent too. And they keep going to savings accounts that I will touch when I actually need it.

So not only are you actively saving now, you are also able to raise the same amount that you are saving monthly, and more because even now, you still need somethings to survive. What you need now are your present current needs. You need call card, data, maybe some snacks, clothes, nothing too concrete yet. So the money I spend now and the money I save, so they correlate? But like the money I save is becoming more than the money I spend so it’s increasing not decreasing.

If you want to challenge yourself, give yourself half a year to accomplish this, to be able to afford everything you consider basic need. As a student living under your parents, it would be groceries, outings, a little luxury items. As an adult, you require rent, groceries, and fixing things. So our needs changes depending on who we are.

And that’s what embodying your higher self means. It means doing the things and achieving the things that your higher self does or would do as a means to kind of draw your higher self out and merge and become one

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