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A Collective Reading about being Unstuck

I hope this provides you some clarity for the coming week. Should have posted this two days ago lol. I’m sorry. Procrastination is a bitch.

II pentacles reversed
IX wands
High priestess
IV pentacles
The chariot
III pentacles
VI cups
VIII swords reversed
II swords reversed
IX swords
V wands

II of pentacles:
Overthinking. Weighed down by emotions.

Kind of like overthinking taking a decision and you are just thinking of everything that could go wrong instead of focusing on the positive that “okay yeah I believe in myself and I will definitely somehow, and someway believe in this.” And if that’s the case then just begin with doing one thing over the other. Priority first. Or you can even start with the small things first. And then build up to the big things, the big projects. Like said with manifesting, it’s about ticking off goals and lists that are filled with things that will add up and contribute towards your big goal because that’s how manifesting works. Taking actions. Taking “inspired actions” and not just sitting there and saying it will come to me, it will just fall on my lap without me doing anything, meanwhile I was supposed to have been producing like 10 contents a day and like working on my videos and just going at it. Like yeah resting and flowing but the masculine, action energy.

IX of wands
When last did you have this issue. Knowing what you were supposed to do but not knowing how to start and instead of just constantly sitting and thinking about what to do, was there ever a time when you said “no! Enough” and then you just got up and started doing it instead of wallowing? Or if there wasn’t, then this is the time to start now. When last did something like this happen? What did you do? What lessons did you learn? And that’s why it’s hard to make decisions. Start journaling. Write down the little things. The details. The big things. Pay attention to the details? What cycles are you repeating? What did you do, what did you learn? How did you overcome that. Now implement it here.

Instead of believing in one thing, don’t. Don’t believe in anything at all is better because once you begin to believe in something, your life begins to create down, spitting it out and bringing it into your reality “oh I’m not good enough” but it’s not about not being good enough, it’s about something happening for you to begin to believe that and now you live that and it’s just a whole mess begin then your life is reflecting your thoughts. Co-creating. Create through thoughts, the mind, thinking, projecting. And that’s what projection does. Projection causes you to view reality through a screen that is totally different from what reality is. Like you think someone is one way, and is nice, sweet, just such a good guy, and is perfect for you, but then you don’t see that he is a sleeze, living off of his ego, thinking that he too is a good guy but he is denying his shadow. And you two meet on the ego level. Projection makes you see him as how he projects he is or he thinks he is unto you. But you don’t actually see HIM or HER lol, beneath the shadows and the pure and light too. You don’t see who THEY ARE. You only see who you think you see.

And what you think you see is actually what you see but then when they begin to reflect their true self, you begin to question why? And then you say that you don’t know who this person that you are with is. You begin to truly see them as they are and then you begin to detest this person for having “tricked you” even though this person probably also feels the same about you because you literally project unto each other. And that becomes your reality.

And you aren’t a victim of that person. You walked towards that person. You chose to sleep with that person or go on that date or go to their homes and got to know this person and chose to love this person. You chose to stay even though you weren’t really feeling like this person loved you or cared about you. You chose to ignore that cheating boyfriend or settle for less or allow your girlfriend to just totally suck the life out of you. You allowed that because you refused to actually wake up and see who they are and what is actually going on. It’s like saying “oh my house is on fire? Okay” but still choosing to sit down in that burning house and letting it consume you. So if you aren’t satisfied with where you are, then get the fuck up and go do what you want to do.

Just do. Be. Experience. Do whatever the fuck you want to do with your life. Just don’t let the fear stop you and don’t expect life to only happen one way or go one way. Because your expectation is also creating or has already created a shield to block you from what actually is.

Justice: Just fucking do it and everything will fall into place as it should be. Karma. Whatever you project will return. Hurt people hurt people but also get hurt because they expect to get hurt because they have hurt people. A whole cycle. Their belief created that reality. When making decisions, don’t let your emotions overcloud you. Don’t let your thoughts and worries and anxieties and fears overcome you. Just do it. Don’t think about the countless ways that it could go wrong. Focus on the positive and just do it.

The right action, the right thing will always come to fruition.

Maybe look at the pros and cons of this decision. If the pros are more than the cons then just fucking do it. And even if the cons are more than the pros, then it’s either you are finding more excuses or just do it anyway. What is meant to be will be. Everything will fall into place just as it should. In line with nature. What that nature is is now up to you. So believe that everything is working out for your highest good and everything will always go in your favour and so life will be because you are choosing to only focus on that but what if you also begin to believe in the negative? Then obviously, life will also work that way and begin to come to fruition in the negative. If you are confused? Then so be it. Life will be confusing too.

The high priestess: And if you are still confused on knowing where to go or what to do or on making decisions, (and you don’t want to make a pro and cons list) like the Justice advices, then tune in to your inner wisdom. Your intuition. Your voice. Your you. The you from within, from the deep. Spend time with yourself to know what you say, to know what you think, to know yourself, your thoughts. Pay attention to know what to do, what to heal, where to go, what needs attention. Pay attention to the signs, to what occurs, to the synchronities. They’d tell you what to do and where to go and if you are going on the right track. And you’d notice that even when you are simply off course a little bit, you are still connected and on the right path because everything is based on your belief. What your current belief is is how your life is. No matter what. And if you don’t see them as often or at all? Then that’d tell you that you need to adjust.

Meditate. Listen. Listen carefully to what needs to be revealed. To what needs to be healed. To what needs to be paid attention to. Know who your are, what you’re worth. Who you are. 

IV of pentacles: Security and control. This is saying that because you don’t feel secure and in control, when changes are about to occur or when they are occurring, you kind of resist a little bit. You refuse to move from the position that you are in and be authentic and be yourself, speak your truth, say your mind, be yourself. And that causes resistance in your life. Like life wants to change and you’re saying “no, Iike this, I want this, I believe in this, I like this” and so you keep the negativity in your life instead of letting it go. But you have to realize that change is important. You can’t keep holding on to this way of being or believing or thinking.

And it’s like when you begin to accept change by flowing instead of holding on tightly to this belief and way of thinking and projection. When you accept and flow, like Justice says, things will be exactly as they are, and as they are meant to be. You don’t hold any believe so you don’t project so you don’t hold expectations and so you don’t control and make life bad or even good because life cannot just be one way or the other. There is bad in the good and good in the bad. Yin and yang. Good and bad intertwined. Balance. Justice. The scale. Flow and accept and let the changes come in (maybe in accordance with your manifestations which would be when you hold good intentions and good motivations and good energy and goals for self developing. Which would add up and lead up to your big manifestation. But don’t think that anything that happens is either good or bad. Think that everything that happens is for your highest good which when your highest good and true will is the ultimate 1:11 lol.

You have learnt and grown and healed to a certain degree. Do you want to keep healing or do you want to build a little on the little that you have healed? This foundation is still good but like it’s not rock solid. It would stay for years before crumbling like the tower but you also choose to keep healing and to keep advancing quickly.

The chariot: so it is time to take control of your life but also flow in that set your intentions, set your manifestations, believe that everything is going to happen or is already happening for your highest good and with that beliefs change and then so does your universe and your world because your world view has changed and you are growing and healing and things are occurring. You have determined how your universe will be. Then flow and let it come to you and know that it will happen by just doing and taking actions and setting goals and having fun and letting go of control and worry and fears.

Sometimes your fears and worries come back but then you realize that no matter what, you are still connected and you are still growing and healing and you are still on the right path. Even with bad mental health, it’s like yeah, you are still growing and healing and you are only seeing your shadow right now and healing it and growing and maturing and planting new seeds and conquering your demons. You are seeing things as they are and seeing the things that needs to be changed instead of what you think should be changed or what you think you need that actually isn’t in line with the beliefs that you actually have. Like saying “oh I want to start a podcast” and then you decide that anchor would be the best place to start it and then you start it there but you aren’t getting as much views from a podcast app like Hubstopper or even Jamit.

And it’s like that’s the ultimate thing that you want, those abs, or lots of followers or that accomplishment or this and that, you might not get them right now. In fact, you might even gain weight, or you might lose some followers and you get worried and scared that because those things didn’t happen then your manifestations and goals won’t happen, when in fact THEY didn’t happened because if they had happened, they might have thrown you off course a little bit. So let go of short term gratification over long term accomplishments.

III of pentacles: Your project is already beginning to manifest. Your goals, your manifestations, you are in that sensitive period where you are really open and connected to source and to the universe and whatever you begin to believe will quickly begin to manifest because you have healed up to a certain point. You have been diligent and you have been growing and building a firm foundation. It’s like whatever you put out will begin to come back so quickly. You are about to become a master manifestor but you still have so so much to learn. You still need to remain in this space a little bit. This first foundation. You need to become comfortable with it, grow into it, learn from it, learn from the past, learn how to move forward. And then you have to look around you and look with you and at your beliefs and decide on what is no longer serving you, on what you need to let go of. See if the actions you are taking and what you are doing is in line with what your future self wants. Or what you want even. 1:31 lol. I saw 1:21 earlier too. Are you taking inspired actions? Setting good goals that would actually lead you to the ultimate? What are you holding on to that isn’t in line with your ultimate goal because like I said, change is good. Change is needed. And you need to let go and flow and let go of the things that aren’t serving you and know with certainty, with belief that whatever happens is leading you up to that ultimate goal, of your long term haol. So loosen your grips. Otherwise, that thing just becomes stale energy in you.

VI of cups: when manifesting, to know if you are coming from a place of love or from a place of fear, tune in to your inner child, to that gentle, nurturing part of you. To that innocent part that still expects things to be good and jolly and positive. Tune in to that place to decide if this is for your highest good. Does it make you stressed out? Unhappy? Even a tiny bit. Do you feel in your guts “no.” Before you begin to give excuses.

Think back to the past. What did I do, what have I done that has made me happy? That I have decided that I wanted for myself or that I didn’t even want? Use your past as a guide. When last did you go for something that you wanted and you truly, really believed in it and then it happened? Once again, journaling is so great for this.

VIII of swords reversed: it is time to wake up and realize how your own thoughts limit you. Your own beliefs. Your projections. You mind. Like I have literally been saying. Your thoughts. Your beliefs. They are everything. You see now that even moments of bad mental health or feelings of being stuck, that you are still connected, you are still on the right path. Think back to last year and now. See how much you have grown. See how you are advancing towards who you are meant to be. Towards the woman that you are meant to be. Towards the man that you are meant to be.

You are growing and advancing and even when you thought that you weren’t growing, they all still contributed to who you are now, right now. Life would still move anyway. Things will still happen. Changes will still occur, even if you like them to or not. So how do you use your thought? How will you choose to use your thought? Can’t you see how powerful your thoughts are now? Would you still choose to remain stuck, in the past with bad limiting beliefs? Or do you want to grow? And think good thoughts and manifest good things and experience good growth. Take that leap and have faith. Personal power, personal will, one true will, taking control, feeling your power but trusting it to occur without you forcing it to.

II of swords reversed: you have done a whole lot. Do not let your self limiting beliefs overwhelm you. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments. It’s time to let go of making decisions based on fear and anxiety or worry. It’s time to just do and belief and faith and do.

IX of swords: so much fear and anxiety and worry. Start confronting those worries. So that you can overcome them so that you can get your mind right. You know what whatever you think will reflect upon your reality and of you think about fears and anxiety then you get more things to be scared and anxious about. Unlock your shadow, open it up and begin to resolve your deepest, darkest issues. So not ignore it. Do not ignore them. Deal with them. No toxic positivity here. Solve your issues. And if you feel like they are too much, like there are too many things to do and you are not sure that you can do it, then begin to do one thing at a time. Focus on only one project for as long at you will like. Like if you want to focus only on career and finances till you are ready to implement health or personal growth or to deal with your mental health then do it. Do one thing at a time, or balance them all if you think that you can. Resolve your inner conflicts. Journal once again lol. Talk to someone, a therapist maybe. A friend. Do not isolate yourself and think that you are strong and that you can resolve all of this by yourself. Talk to someone. Face your fears. Battle it and you will come out victorious, with your mind clear, knowing exactly what you want and having the courage to go for it. And not using limiting beliefs or negativity to make decisions.

V of wands: and if you are fighting letting go of something, remember whose team that you are on, yours. Maybe it’s not time to have that thing or maybe that thing you want doesn’t contribute to your highest good and maybe that belief that you have that says that it is protecting you like “no, people will hurt me so I would rather be alone” instead of opening up to people and talking things out. Let those things go. That limiting beliefs or that belief in general that isn’t allowing for your growth and your development. That gives you good excuses as to why you can’t accomplish what you want or says that you can’t do it. Gather your thoughts back, gather your energy back. Gather your strengths back and then direct it only at the manifestations that you want, towards your true will and genuinely let go of the things that you cannot control. Let go of what happens in between. Give up control to that. To things that your can’t make happen like someone’s reaction to something, or a person’s thoughts on something or even exactly what would happen tomorrow. You can only hold an intention or manifestation as to what would happen and then everything that occurs will happen for that to be fulfilled. So “I want to be happy tomorrow and I don’t want to go to church” would be my intention and manifestation and then maybe someone calls or something happens that would make what I want not happen but I didn’t really TRY to control exactly how that would happen because I can’t. Do not add more problems to yourself or worry about petty things or the things that you have absolutely no control over. There’s absolutely no point worrying about that.

The tower reversed: now is the time to make changes to avoid disaster. This moment when a foundation has been build when you are open and receptive and seeing your shadow. And that’s why you were asked to deal with your fears and anxieties and your limiting beliefs because it could causes a crisis later on. It could still come back and cause unnecessary hassles. Like your hurt inner child coming out to play when you are about to make an important life decision. Take away the clutter! Defucking clutter. Take a look at your habits or the things you are doing now or your goals that doesn’t contribute to what you want in the future. Otherwise, try new things, let new things in.

The world reversed: if you are having a little issue breaking free from this old patterns, perhaps try celebrating yourself accomplishments. Celebrate how far that you have come. Celebrate the little things. Gratitude. Thank yourself. Love yourself. Pump yourself up. Realize that you deserve so so much more. Because a limiting belief that you hold is that you aren’t good enough for someone or something, or to have something. Imposter syndrome. What you have is not enough. You have nothing to offer. Woe is me. And that way, by comparing yourself to others, you begin to see the difference in where you are and then that causes a sort of reinforcement of beliefs that “yes, see, we are in such different places and doing different things and they are growing faster than me” and then you don’t see that you are just learning different lessons and having different experiences. Your progress is best measured against your past. Against, like I said before, what you have accomplished and where you came from. Compare your growth from last year till now. From your former thoughts and from where you have been or what you have done. You can only compare yourself from you to you.

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