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Self-care boxes for self-care days

Let’s talk about self care boxes!! So what I mean are like little boxes or bags you create by yourself that includes a collection of things that you can bring out and use during self care days.


I’m creating mine for a day of absolute relaxation this coming Saturday. Mine is going to include my journal (I need a new one), my crystals, a self-made crystal grid pattern for healing, self love, self care, self growth, and just plain compassion, and kindness to self. It’s also going to include a snicker bar, this sweetened coffee that I love so so much, maybe my tarot cards (which I’m considering making glossy and then selling later in the future), a pen for my journal obviously, a fully charged power bank!! And then my laptop filled with movies (obviously the laptop wouldn’t be in the box because I mean…but it’s necessary for my self care day). Andd then obviously not my pack of weed but maybe like a stick or two (or four because it’s an all day thing lol. Yes, I am a very strong pothead). My spell candle (or I could create one just for this occassion), maybe an incense or two. Some rose petals too to go on my candle.

I’m thinking I could paint too. So maybe my paint and some brushes.

What would your own box contain? You could include some pictures, some positive affirmations, oracle cards, more chocolate, a juice box! (I forgot about that!! Definitely adding it to mine), bathbombs, candles, perfumes, lipglosses, incenses and just anything that makes you feel good.

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