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On Being in Resistance and Clearing Stale Energy

Be willing to not know who you are so you can find out

-Lao Tzu

I feel tired, very exhausted, passionless and bored. I think this is what is called resistance. I am trying really hard not to judge myself because I know that this is natural. I think this is stemming from me working an IT job that I am increasingly coming to hate. I really really don’t like advert. Getting another possible job opportunity that involved creative writing really stirred something up in me. But I am confused as to either manifesting it or letting it come to me naturally. What if I get the job and I hate the work environment?

My first solution is to go on a fast. I can drink non sugared, non caffeinated, zero calories green tea or just tea, and water. Then I’d break by 6/7, depending on the time I get home. I need to learn discipline so I’m going to have to start from one area of my life. I think I just want to clear all the stale energy in me and just leave room for me and my energy. I’ve been trying to stay off social media a lot lately. That doesn’t always work because I have days when I spend hours just randomly scrolling. So maybe I’d add that to the list too.

Steps To Be With Self:

1. Fast

2. Mini social media detox.

If I remove all the excess, perhaps I might feel myself more and be able to tune in to that inner voice.

8 thoughts on “On Being in Resistance and Clearing Stale Energy

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    1. Fasting is good for energy cleanses. I don’t have to necessarily. I want to for this week. I have been eating a lot of things that aren’t too good for me and I have been consuming a lot of things and I need to expel them, then create the space for me to remain in my energy so that I can be a little more clear headed.


      1. What you consume adds to your energy. That’s why people talk about avoiding the news, or scrolling through social media, etc. You might have even heard that people completely stop taking in junk food, or go on plant based diet. Everything has energy. What you consume also has energy. And if you take in energy that isn’t necessarily good for you, it can kind of remain in your system until you dispel it.


      2. It’s not bother at all. So we are all made up of energy. The world is made of energy. And energy cannot be created nor destroyed so energy is constant. That means if you eat a piece of burger, because the energy cannot be destroyed, it has nowhere else to go except to remain in your system. The energy does get dispelled when you use the toilet. That’s why we are constantly having a flow of energy. It’s all an exchange. I wrote a blog post about energy exchange in case you want to read up on it. That’s why sometimes you feel weak and tired after you eat a certain type of food because that energy isn’t good for you.


      3. Thanks a bunch! I’m slowing delving into this whole energy thing and energy centres… That’s why I’m asking all these questions.
        Sometimes reading it up online doesn’t really explain it all. I’m glad you answered real quick.
        Thanks A.

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      4. That’s perfectly fine. The beginning of every journey is always hard, especially when you have to wade through all the misinformation and all the difficult explanations.


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