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My Thoughts On Christianity Now Being a Watered down Version of The Original, Grace and Living Without Technology

It’s like Christianity is a warped distant relative of Spirituality. They are forcing people to love each other instead of teaching them how to fall in love. Jesus’s teachings are like a manual on how to gradually attain unconditional love. But over the years, word of mouth and writings and explanations have kind of watered it down from its original form.

Christianity:christian:christlike, follower of christ. Christ like. Not worshipper of christ.

Prayers are like spells. The collective change (especially if directed at one person or a group of people. Some parts of the Bible are manuals. But not all. Some parts are useless. It’s all about christ and after him. What impact he had. Not about Solomon or even Moses. I strongly believe that Moses was just a really strong witch. The “holy ghost” is actually our inner divinity.

But they’ve lost the innocence. It has lost its essence. It’s purity. They come and taint it with their human understanding and their human morals and explanations. “Don’t be a lazy man,” “hustle,” “work,” “judge yourself,” “it’s either you are working godly or working evil.” They place the word “evil” on all “worldly” things, on all human things and make you hate yourself, drive you further away from your divinity, failing to accept your shadow. How then, when you are a paradox of yourself can you be expected to become christ like? To not become christ because you can NEVER become christ. Christ was christ. You are you. You are two completely different people. Just like how Buddhists are trying to become like Buddha in the sense of becoming the next Buddha but never be Mahatma Gandhi. To also achieve enlightenment by following his foot steps. You can never be exactly like anyone else.

Grace is the natural way of life. Tao. Not something given to us but from flowing, being in your divinity. That’s why they say things will begin to go your way and you will begin to flow. And that’s why you see people raise the dead, and heal people and cause “miracles” and say prophecies because they are practicing the true essence. Followers of christ in that you shouldn’t worship him, but follow in his footsteps, learn from him, grow like him.

The church was supposed to be a place to come and convey information that they have learnt. Like Ram Dass, Moojiji, Sadhguru, Dakota Wint, Lao Tzu, Hindz, Alan Watts, and so on, coming in to teach each other and learn from the other and teach others and ask questions and grow spiritually. That’s why there’s a pastor or a prophet. To teach from a higher understanding. Not another man that hides from his own shadow and teaches others to hate theirs. Then we are just being tainted instead.

I don’t want to call people dumb. I’d like to call them childlike. Childlike because they still kind of maintain their innocence. They think slow, unable to process information quickly and might not think as deep as others. But not because they are dumb but because they think in a certain, good way. That’s why in the movies, they depict people like Shaggy as good and unable to do wrong.

Would it be possible to live life without technology? I doubt. There’s something enticing about the old way of life but it’s like technology has ensnared us and made us think that we cannot do without it. And honestly, maybe we can’t. It’s enticing to be able to communicate instantly, to be connected. That’s its grip on us. Making us think that we are connected to everyone, one big community, a joint world. And making us lose ourselves in the process and then making North Korea, where there’s no technology, the standard of hate. “We don’t want that so let’s conform. They have our best interest at heart.”

I prefer thinking. Thinking is faster. I am always thinking. That’s why I write sometimes, to garner my thoughts and gather them in one place.

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