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Some Messages That Keep Coming Up For Me And Might Be Useful For You Too

Not fully stepping into power. Personal power is the power to do what i want with my existence. I am letting fear and subconscious blockages stop me. Subconscious blockages like “I am not in control of my life.” But I am. There is no “end purpose” or “end goal.” No destiny. There are only possibilities. You could do anything.

My current reality is reflecting my inner world. That’s why I automatically think of someone giving my money when I manifest. Because my limiting belief is that I can’t get what I want by myself, through myself but it has to be handed to me. But I can. What if I want 50k and I work for it? I write 5 articles and I get 10k each?

New affirmation: My life is my own. I am in absolute control of my life. Circumstances do not matter. I am law. Whatever positive thing I want has no choice but to show up in my reality.

Take one step at a time but let the universe guide you. Like a baby learning to walk. They have their parents cheering them on (parents are spirit team). The baby is determined. The baby knows that they can do it because they have seen others do it. They know it is possible so they aren’t going to let themselves hold themselves back. They build up the strength through determination and consistency. “If you fail, try and try again.”

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

Make important life decisions yourself. Make your beliefs yourself. Don’t look to others to decide for you. Like you say, let other teachings be a guide or a complement. But don’t let it overrule your own beliefs. Gain self confidence and self trust. Faith in the self. Your decisions are as much important as the next person. Don’t look to others for confirmation on what you know is true.

Are you scared to be judged? That’s something that you need to work on. On doing one small thing everyday that would push past your need to be liked or adored or be seen in a positive light by everyone in general. Because I care, that’s why I get defensive. I want to protect the image that the person has of me. But if I truly work on not caring about people’s opinion of me, then I wouldn’t care about what they think or say about me.

Work on emotional maturity. You still have some healing to do. Learning to accept love from others by unconditionally loving yourself.

Keep ideas to self.

Out of love, chaos was born. Chaos is misguided love. Misguided forms of self preservation. You need to wade through the chaos to reach love.

Life is like a movie. Like an actual movie. When we watch the movie, we are only viewing the events that are happening at the current moment. We can barely remember exactly what happened and we don’t know what will happen but we are getting there. So it’s like we are watching our own movies. We are just viewing and experiencing this moment at this very time, viewing this chapter of a movie or reading this page of a book. But we are the authors so if we draw back and just view and control.

To be present, focus on the awareness. The awareness is what perceives things. There are concepts: birds, trees, animals, good and bad. But if we take our awareness off these concepts, we forget they exist.

Flow with the universe and lead with love


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