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Take Action: Let the Now Impact The Future

Find peace in the fact that there is no final version of you.

There really isn’t.

I am still here, as I am, struggling with my mental health and my health and working out and these might be life long struggles. I will keep learning and growing. There is no “person” that I need to be like or that I need to be. There is no “future me.” Bring awareness into the now. The future cannot impact the now. Only the now can impact the future. So seeing an image of my future self to motivate me now will not work. Seeing me now and how I can become that future person will work. They are almost the same but different.

Do not think of who you want to be but of who you are now and who you can be. It’s the difference between envisioning just your goals and actually taking the steps to achieve those goals. Envisioning enough will not work unless you take actions. You cannot become a great chef except you cook everyday. You cannot become the next Picasso except you practice and work everyday to improve your skills. So you can’t have those abs unless you put in the work. You can’t have those audience unless you put in the work by creating more contents and actually posting them. You cannot become famous if you don’t have anything to show for it. There is no influencer on Instagram or Tiktok that doesn’t have at least one picture or video. That one could be the one to set things off. Or the next content. Or the next. It would be just that one content, in the right settings, with the right people, with a favorable social media algorithm and a dose of luck.

That’s what manifestation does. It gathers all the right energies to create that moment where whatever you want has no choice but to pop into existence because you have all the right things, you are in perfect alignment.

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