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Non-divinatory Uses Of Tarot Cards: Embodiment Practice

I love the concept of tarot cards. I love how they can be interpreted in thousands of ways. And I love how they kind of force you to be intune with your intuition before you can use them so that you don’t pass across the wrong message. And I especially love how they call you out on your bullshit and they give practical advice.

But there are also non-divinatory uses of tarot cards that has long been ignored. The cards can be very practical. They have standard meanings: cups=emotions, swords=logic, wands=passion, creativity, and pentacles=finances (in summary). What if you embody the personalities of the cards? The kings and queens and pages are more or less personality cards.

Each month, you pick out cards from your deck that describes personalities that you need to embody, like high priestess and goddess energy, or queen of cups and emotional maturity. Then you shuffle only those cards and let your intuition guide you to whatever you need to work on for that month. So if you have been feeling a little too emotional and you have been making bad decisions, you can be guided to the queen of swords who is very practical and logical, or the queen of cups who is emotionally mature.

This is a good way to connect with different aspects of the self and to balance out your energies. We aren’t just one personality. Our personalities are fluid and changing and that’s why we don’t always like the things we liked just two days ago.

If you want more posts about this (maybe I could make a series to explain the different types of personalities of the card), leave a comment below.


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