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Embodiment Practice For Those On The Autistic Spectrum

I just realized how I can use my autism to my advantage. Instead of calling it “masking,” I will call it embodiment. When we speak of embodiment in spirituality, we speak of taking on the personality of whoever or whatever personality we want. So you could embody the personality of a vixen, or the king of swords, or of a rich sugar baby, and so on. Now when I say that I can use it to my advantage, I mean that people with autism mask. That means kind of tweaking our personalities to suit whichever situation we are in. Or we can take on a characteristics or a habit of the person we are mirroring in order to fit in to social situations. In regards to tweaking personalities, we can literally tweak our personalities to be that of like a seductress or a confident person, a good painter, etc. So if you are insecure about going to a party, you embody the personality of a vixen. Someone that’s confident, that’s gorgeous, that everyone stares at in awe, etc. And the more you feel it, the more you actually become that.


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  1. I had no idea that this was called masking. I’m quite sure that I fall somewhere on the autistic spectrum. I totally do this where I “act” a part to try and fit in. For example, interviews. I’ve pulled off a bunch that I never expected would fall through, and it was entirely an act. It’s like “fake it till you make it” except you never really figure out how to “make it” because the outside world seems so foreign. Socializing is a foreign concept. But you imitate what others do so that you can fit into society and carry out your roles/duties.

    I was lucky to meet a loving husband considering how much I struggle to socialize with people. I’m quite sure he falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum too which is why we get along so well. It’s rare to find someone else who “gets” you. Thinking back, there’s no way I could have made this much progress in the past decade had it not been for embodiment and adopting different personalities and roles. I have 3 roles which is a work in progress: wife, mom, nurse. Anything more than that is too complicated for my already overly stimulated mind.

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    1. Honestly, I totally understand what you mean by having 3 roles and sticking with that. It can be really stressful trying to adapt and adopt. I was always the quiet kid who became “social” in the midst of people even when I was internally really stressed out. I am now doing this thing where I am learning who I am irrespective of all the masking and personalities that I put on.

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    2. I’m glad that you have support from your husband. The hardest thing is your spouse or significant other learning how to create the space to make you comfortable. Good luck to you and your husband.

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