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Our Shadow Aspects: What Is The Shadow?

Let’s talk about the shadow. Our shadow.

A lot of people would describe the shadow as the unseen, unheard part of us. The part that we don’t want others to see. The part we are ashamed of. Our lust and greed and anger and envy. The jealous parts, the “broken” parts.

The shadow is made to seem like an entity living inside of you. Like a different part of you that you have to integrate. But the shadow isn’t any different from you. The shadow isn’t a real, sentient being. The shadow is a collection of all the thoughts and feelings that you ignore and are ashamed of that exists within the ego. The ego being the unreal way we see the world.

I don’t think we have individual shadows. I think we experience a collective shadow. The society is the one that says that you should hide your anger, you should hide your jealousy, you should hide your hatred. You didn’t decide on your own that those parts were shameful but the society claimed that they were, and what is society? The collective consciousness. You didn’t raise yourself to think that the emotion or the thought was shameful, you learned it, you observed others hiding it, you picked up on social cues. And then you learned that it was normal to hide a part of you that literally everyone else feels.

Everyday when you go out and you feel an emotion, or a thought that has been termed as negative, don’t feel bad. Remember that every single person that you have passed by has felt like that one way or the other.

It’s like we are watching each other to see who will show their shadow so that we can mock them, and shame them for it. Some shadows, please don’t act out. I am not an advocate for crime. Those are things that you know you will pay lifelong penance for.

My darkest shadow is my crave for material wealth. My root chakra and I have had the rockiest relationship yet. When I begin to shift out of alignment, I begin to place my happiness and my sense of safety and security on money. It’s something that I am working towards. I recently just asked my guides to take control of my finances. I don’t want to worry about money anymore. And I trust my guides. I fully trust them. And by placing that into their hands, it left  me with the opportunity to just relax and rest and surrender. Everytime I begin to worry, I get the message to “let go!!” And I laugh. Ask for help sometimes. They are always willing to listen and help.


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