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On finding your purpose and personal legend

Lina Kraftsoff

For a long time, I believed in purpose. Then I listened to voices outside myself that said that purpose was wishy washy and it could be anything I was currently doing. But while I still believe that, I have come to understand that we do have purposes. We don’t have to spend our entire life worried about what our purpose is and if we will ever discover it. Purpose also doesn’t have to be occupational wise. It doesn’t have to be some massive accomplishment. Your purpose could be serving good food at a restaurant or traveling the world.

For me, after discovering my value through Dr. Demartini‘s video, I learned that the one thing that crossed across all questions was my quest to learn and to teach what I learned. And that’s what truly made me motivated to start my blog.

I mean, I had been contemplating it for a while, but that was the final push that I needed that I was on the right track. Months later and I have surprisingly not run out of ideas. So I must definitely be doing something right lol. Then I am mindless scrolling on Instagram one day and this woman named Sahara Rose said that living her dharma also means helping others live theirs. And that’s the whole point of this: the blog, the YouTube, the podcast.

I only got fully reassured tonight when I finally decided to look up the angel number 9, which is among one of the many that I have recently been seeing. I don’t want to tell people what to do but I want to help them discover their power. I am excited to read her book called Discover Your Dharma. I haven’t read it yet so I can’t 100% advocate for it yet but I hope that if you read it, it will help you in some ways. When you are through, comment down below to let me know how it was. Also, do you already know your dharma or soul’s purpose as it’s also called? Let’s help each other fulfill it.

And if you don’t know yours, that’s perfectly fine. There is still time. The one affirmation I’m working on is that my life doesn’t end in my 20’s or 30’s. You can still travel at age 50 or 90. And yes, affirmations do work. I feel another writing coming up but I am too lazy right now so I will leave a link here for when I remember to write about it tomorrow.

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