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What Is The Ego?

Most times when people speak of the ego, they talk like the ego is a separate being. Like we have two beings in one human body. “The ego is the part of us that protects us from hurt.” “The ego is the enemy.” Like the ego is a tangible substance. But the ego, and us aren’t different. There is only us as our higher, divine selves, and the ego which is a collection of beliefs and perceptions, hurts, trauma and memories that has been inflicted upon us. The ego blocks us from seeing the truth of our divine nature. This collection gives us things to worry about, to fear, to limit us and prevent us from stepping into our power. When you were younger, you were restricted of parental love and now you have trouble believing someone could love you. That trauma created a veil over your perception of reality.

And that’s where healing comes in. When you peel back layers of hurt and trauma and childhood conditioning and begin to see the real you, your higher self.

Balancing your chakras, yoga, qi gong, are all ways of feeling your divine energy, of connecting back to the self. It’s like bypassing years worth of inner healing. And that’s why some Hindus would say that there is no need to heal because you aren’t broken. Yes, you aren’t broken. But yoga helps them connect back with self differently than another who chooses to do healing work. Finding enlightenment through the suffering and experiences vs finding enlightenment by just flowing. Just like balancing your chakras and experiencing a kundalini awakening that would connect you back to your divine self. See how they are all just methods, tools for which to connect to the divine self.

The inner child is the collection of childhood memories, feelings and experiences. When people say “hurt inner child,” they refer to the memory part of the ego that remembers that you never got to play and have fun and just be a child. It’s the memory that remembers the assault, the loneliness, the trauma. And it’s the collection of unprocessed emotions that you felt back then which is still manifesting its hurt in your life now. You felt alone at age 7, you never acknowledged it because you didn’t know what the feeling was and so you shoved it into the back of your mind. That loneliness creeps back up every once in a while now in the form of inadvertently pushing people away because you subconsciously can’t process that the person actually wants to be with you because you still feel alone.

So understand this and understand yourself.

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