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All Paths Lead To Happiness

I was having a conversation with my friend and I love how spirit can give you messages at any time and through anyone.

There are Spirituals and Christians and Atheists, Hindus, and Rastafarians, Wiccans and Hellenics. I used to be Hellenic. All is innately the same. Not everyone has to believe in the same thing. Different paths can lead to happiness. You determine how you want your life to be. No need to criticize one or the other. Why can’t we all just live in coexistence and not try to convince one another? It is only when someone finds a path and is willing to listen to others, then can the other teach.

Sometimes we can get a bit preachy. We want to teach, we want people to know, we want them to begin the journey of realizing their divinity and so we try to talk to them about our beliefs and make them see things from our perspective because we are trying to “help.” Stop. Everyone has their own journey. Some people weren’t meant to have this journey in this life time and some aren’t quite ready for the message that you have to give. It’s not about thinking that you are better than them because you aren’t. It’s about realizing that everyone has their own path to go down and every single path, or belief is real and true.

There is that one universal truth which encompasses all practices and it is that: you are divine. Realize that and walk only in your own footstep. Do not be a follower. Be a doer, a unique, be a knower.

This is also one of the rules of chaos magick: avoid dogma.

I, in particular, love this blog post. It has taken me a long time to come to accept that no path is right and another is wrong. And I hope that this meets you, the reader well. Comment below to let me know your thoughts on this. Don’t be a stranger.


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