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Casting Powerful Magick: You are power first

Wednesday, September 22nd: Dream: There was a bad guy i had to defeat. He was ancient. Powerful. But I was more powerful. I blessed a pencil. Pretended I didn’t know he was evil. He didn’t know I was a witch. A sorceress. He accepted the pencil because he thought it was just a gift. I made it known who I was. He tried to attack. I waved off his power with just one motion. One wave. One wave and I created a shield to deflect. I was powerful. I am powerful. Usually, I know the difference between a dream and reality but this felt like a self reassuring lucid dream. I felt the feelings but I also just watched. I felt the absolute self trust that I could. My body was shut down but my brain was still awake. Deep meditation or lucid dreaming. Either ways, I experienced something beautiful.

Thursday, September 23rd: Dream: It wasn’t so much a dream, so much as an experience. A message.

Work with power first. Self power. Self trust. Knowing. Believing. Feeling. Power comes first. You have the ability to make things happen. Then you can incorporate personalities.

First, you are raw power
Second, you are a person
Third, you are a person with a sexuality or a belief or a gender.

Then you can incorporate that into your workings. But the moment you dull yourself down and limit yourself to your beliefs and thoughts, you aren’t no more raw power. You are just a person. Good and bad, positive and negative, those are all separation from the raw energy. Work with only the raw energy then when you draw it down, into your wand or into your candle jar or into your pen or your journal or your sacred circle, then you decide what to do with it. You give it shape, and form, and you send it out. Otherwise, the amount of energy you can draw down would not be as much as you want to. Do you think Marie Laveau used her humanity to numb her down? Those are the ways of the African tradition. That’s why a herbalist can do both clean money magick and blood magick. They are power first before people with morals.

Beneath chaos is love but chaos and love, light and dark both exist in us. We cannot embrace one without the other. At the root of all is love, love is nonduality and nonduality is power.

I did a spell yesterday. I began to accept and incorporate my Yoruba side. It was beautiful. It feels like a part of me that I had rejected or numbed for so long has this intense amount of power that I can’t believe I ignored. I am a witch goddammit. I can do anything. Some things take practice and time to accomplish. The impossible still remains the impossible. But I mean, without believing in myself to this extent, I have made things happen. Now that I do and my beliefs are shaping out, it might not resonate with a lot of people, but the thing is, why are you scared of being crazy? If I am crazy, let me be crazy. If I am delusional, that is perfectly fine. I don’t need the approval of my guides. They help, they guide, they love, they are beautiful. But at the end of the day, my belief is still mine alone. Do you think Aleister Crowley sought permission from anyone? And he’s one of the greatest magicians to ever live. Do you think Neville Goddard allowed people to call him names? He stood by his beliefs and years later, everyone calls him a genius. It’s all about you. Don’t seek permission from anyone on what you can and cannot do.

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