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Manifestation Explained

Manifesting is a concept that essentially refers to encouraging the life force to do what it does best: to seed new creation. You plant your thoughts and wishes into the universe and then you water them just like how you water seeds to grow. You water them with hope and faith, with trust and action and then you let go of the outcome. When you plant a seed, you water it and you believe it would grow, but you don’t sit and wait for it to grow. It takes time. With this too, you might not immediately see the physical manifestations, but trust that you have tuned in to the frequency.

The reason why it is advised to let go of the outcome is because you don’t know what the universe has in store for you. You don’t know what job your guides are bringing to you. There are so many experiences, so many opportunity, and we can achieve anything. You can access any energy, any feeling, any opportunity. Why would you want to limit yourself? Why would you censor yourself? And some of us want to become one particular thing but they are scared. They are scared of how it will come to be. They are constantly thinking about how they can bring that into fruition. Once again, let go and surrender. Let it come to you. You have the power to do WHATEVER you want with your existence. That’s what personal power means. The ability to live whatever life you want, however way you want because your life is absolutely your own. You can’t give anyone else the access to control your life.


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