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Non-confusing Explanation About The Universe And The Laws Of Attraction

Think of the universe as a friend, your best friend. But this friend can do anything. This friend can make anything happen. And this friend constantly wants to help you, wants to make you happy because this friend holds nothing but love for you. And not the typical human love. Think about how much love someone feels for their favorite person in the whole world, the type of love that makes even psychopaths care about just one person. Now take that love and multiply it times infinity. When we say infinity, we mean never ending, never beginning, constant, verse, encompassing.

And all that this friend asks from you is to love yourself and to love others. To do things that will make you happy and that will bring you joy and to have faith in yourself and in this friend that whatever you ask for will come to pass. When there’s a friend like that, that is willing to do anything for you, that is eager to do anything for you, that craves to do anything for you, wouldn’t it also be fair to at least do what this friend wants? And wouldn’t it be fair to occassionally (or frequently) try to do something for this friend? One day, wake up and ask “hey friend, what do you want me to do for you today?” And you may be surprised when this friend says “I want you to take care of mother Earth today.” Or “I want you to be of service to others and show them love today.”

It’s a relationship between you and this friend. And relationships are built and cultivated. Today, I want you to leave with three things:

1. The universe is infinite love
2. The universe wants to do things for you
3. Cultivate a relationship with the universe.


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