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Snippets Of Insights From Me And Others To Inspire You

Find a covenant to signify to yourself a start of your journey. For me, that’s being consistent with blog. I didn’t realize it until just right now. For me to get messages, I need to be in silence and meditate or listen to something uplifting. Which means I have to be in a good headspace.

Whatever you do, does it or will it ultimately make you feel love and at peace?

Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels

It’s not about finding a spiritual practice or finding purpose or starting a spiritual practice because it creates a feeling of separation. You are already a spirit having a human connection. Just flow and let things happen. You are already having that spiritual journey.

Like the sabbat where no one is meant to work. Take a day too where there’s no screen time, no TV, just me meditating, in my space, eating nourishing food, being creative, etc


Boundaries to maintaining peace
1. Don’t give me impromptu work. Don’t push your worries and anxiety unto me

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

When you’re constantly online, it becomes hard to focus on your energy and channel it towards creativity. Energy is like currency. It flows in and out. What do you take in? What do you absorb? What types of shows and music do you take in?

Practice. Can I focus 2 to 3 hours a day on just one thing without distraction?

Don’t allow the mind to unsettle the spirit, allow the spirit to settle the mind.

Find a reflective word. If you’re getting angry or you are angry, find something that will ground you and make you believe that it doesn’t matter. Let it calm you and put you in a good headspace before reacting so that you can react the way you want to. (That’s enough).

Practice doing nothing. With no stimulation

In everything, there should be an equal give and take. Energy is like money, it leaves and it comes. With energy, you give out good vibes and what you should get are good vibes in return.


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