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On Being Present

I was listening to this podcast a couple of weeks ago and the guy explains my point perfectly. He said something along the lines of “just like boiling water. Heat isn’t the intrinsic property of the water neither is it the intrinsic property of the pan neither is it the intrinsic property of the stove but it is the intrinsic property of the fire because there is no fire without heat. Fire is hot.” So like awareness, the heat left the water then pot then the stove and they became cold again. So awareness comes in and out of things, of memory.

My awareness was in that moment and it has left that moment and it can go into the future and the past, but I’m not currently living in the past or the future. My awareness is what gives them life. It comes and goes. If I am focused on the book and I don’t hear the bird song, my awareness has left that part and it cannot observe the bird song. The body and mind borrowed existence from awareness. Awareness gives them meaning. But when awareness leaves, they don’t exist. Awareness is existence. Awareness emanates mind and body and mind and body emanates the world. Mind and body and the world cannot be shown to exist outside awareness and since awareness is the basic building block of reality, awareness is existence itself. And it is by the light of awareness that everything exists.”  Isn’t there a theory in quantum physics that says life cannot exist except is is observed?

To be present, focus on the awareness. The awareness is what perceives things. There are concepts: birds, trees, animals, good and bad. When I hear a bird, I think “bird.” We all have these programed sets of things. Like when we see something we think “bird” when we hear the sound they make we think “bird song” but we don’t interact with the bird or bird song. We just “know” from storage, from what our own concept of bird looks like. And through this concept, basic frequencies are formed. The frequency of bird would always look like a bird. But if we take our awareness off these concepts, we forget they exist.

Life is like a movie. Like an actual movie. When we watch the movie, we are only viewing the events that are happening at the current moment. We can barely remember exactly what happened and we don’t know what will happen but we are getting there. So it’s like we are watching our own movies. We are just viewing and experiencing this moment at this very time, viewing this chapter of a movie or reading this page of a book. We are also the authors so step outside the body for a little bit and rewrite your story.

If you can jump off the ocean of wanting and pain and suffering into just seeking the higher self and catching a glimpse of awareness, if you live for that, you will be less concerned about finding personal pleasure. You won’t feel incomplete because you are living to find your higher self, you are living for yourself. Like Elijah lived for Klaus, you live for yourself. It’s not vain. And now imagine if seeking yourself is blissful and beautiful. I love the concept of growth and seeing how change can manifest into something greater- seeing how much more we can achieve and become our true selves.

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